Doc’s New Feet

I’m not sure if I have already written about this, but my new feet arrived on the 15th! They are better than anticipated for sure! Alex promptly attached them after coming home from school that evening, but there was a problem: the zip ties would not adequately hold the cloth from my leg, over the tops of my ankles. They kept sliding off, even though they were put on tight enough to leave significant compression marks on my ankles, themselves.

Doc’s New Feet!

Alex came up with an idea, with some help from her friends, about attaching a Velcro strap to the top of my ankle and then measuring around my lower leg and fastening a cloth, with a Velcro attachment at the bottom to attach to my ankle and then sew the upper portion to my cloth leg to hold it in place. She picked up the supplies the weekend before her life threatening condition reared it’s head.

Alex made it through the surgery well, but has had a very difficult and frustrating time recovering. Her fever finally broke on the 7th day after being admitted to the hospital. It got worryingly high though, but the clinic told HH not to bring her to the ER unless it reached 103. The worry got to all of us. Alex was beginning to make peace with everything and everyone and she began to watch the sweetly romantic films on Netflix and Disney Plus. She, myself and my brothers really thought she was going to die. She even gave her blessing that after she passed away, that when I was ready, that she wanted me to marry a good friend of ours, because she felt we would be a good match. I broke down in tears. I understood though. Alex would want me to be happy.

Well anyway, I think Alex had been home for a couple of days and she asked HH to go get the supplies and help her get me all fixed up. HH propped my feet up on a rolling office chair and set me as close to Alex as possible. She measured and cut the fabric and hand stitched the hem around both pieces very carefully and sewed on the Velcro Then she loctite glued the other Velcro to my ankles and HH helped her with that. She let the Velcro on my legs cure for an hour and then she attached the Velcro end of the fabric to my ankles and then wrapped it tight around my leg, pinned it and began to sew. She took her time and did a marvelous job! She still wants to sew the top portion all the way around the top of my leg, but I told her to do that another time when she is much better. Even close to death, she still put me first and it just reaffirms how true her love for me is. I’m the luckiest man in the world, that’s for sure!

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