Larry’s Sexual Fantasy

So, it has been just over one week since the incident and Alex’s fever has FINALLY broke for more than 24 hours. She still isn’t out of the woods yet, but we will take any good moment that we can. My brothers and I have been at her bedside 24/7 and have offered encouragement, support, love, care and definitely a listening ear. The four of us also took an oath that we would abstain from all sexual activity until Alex is able to resume and is comfortable resuming it. It has just been a week, but man has it been a challenge!

Last night while Alex peacefully slept, my brothers and I decided to blow off a little steam by talking about what we want to do when Alex is able to make love again. In today’s post, I will tell you about what my hopes are. Another thing that we have done in the aftermath of all this is that none of us has smoked since she went in the hospital and we haven’t consumed any carbonated drinks or alcohol either. The conversations last night between myself, Doc, Dorian and Lawrence were actually very relieving and it was a great bonding opportunity between us brothers.

I know, I know, get on with it, ya want to hear the good stuff. Ok, where here it goes. When Alex gets better and after Doc has had her first, hehe, it is my turn. Knowing Doc, he will probably knock her up again. Followed by Dorian and then Lawrence. We all are in agreement about that. We also agreed to start things slow, which definitely means no threesomes with double penetration, whomp-whomp.

First, I will start by having Alex straddle my lap while I am sitting. I will gently place a hand on her chin and bring her lips to mine and then fully embrace her while kissing her slowly, deeply and passionately. While we are kissing, I will run my hands all over her back and cup her butt cheeks in my hands and squeeze them softly. My hands will move to her neck, tracing my fingers gently down from there, to her collarbone and in between her breasts. I will also grope her breasts softly and take each nipple in my mouth, one at a time and alternate between kissing and sucking on them. I will gently kiss her neck and leave a trail of warm breath from her breasts to her neck.

Then I will help her to a standing position and very slowly and sensually remove her pants and panties while moving my hands ever so gently down her body. While she is standing I will carefully and tenderly rub her pussy lips and her clit with my soft hands and a finger and then two will make their way inside her wet pussy. I can’t wait to hear her cry of pleasure when I do this. I will look up at her and deep into her eyes as I do this. Then I will remove my firm, erect cock from my boxers and motion for her to straddle me once again and lower herself slowly down on to me, facing me. The tip of my cock will spread her wet and waiting lips and begin to fill her until she has completely lowered herself down on me and my entire cock is inside of her. I will slowly begin to thrust, one hand on each of her hips, while her hands are on each of my shoulders. As I slowly and gently make love to her and build both of us to climax, we will continue our passionate kisses and looking into each other’s eyes. Once she starts to cum, then I will let my sperm load loose all the way inside of her, feeling her pussy sucking and gulping my cum out of my cock and draining my balls. I will lay her head on my shoulder and I will wrap my arms around her and hold her tight as her body quivers and shakes from the orgasm that I will give her. Then I will tell her, “I love you.”

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