A Fun Sexual Encounter with Dorian

School has kept me quite busy and not a lot of time has been available for me to have sex with HH, Doc, Larry, Lawrence or Dorian and I found myself in dire need of a release one day! I had recently visited a sex mega store relatively close by and had purchased a pair of black boxer shorts with a sewn in o-ring as a more natural looking strap-on harness and a new cock for Dorian. I had put them on him as soon as I had gotten home, but the course I was taking was very intense and I found that I didn’t have time to have fun with him. My stress level was building and I was getting desperate. So, on the day before my final exam for that particular class, once I had finished and submitted all of my coursework, Doc decided for me that Dorian and I were going to go downstairs and finally have sex! How could I say no to that?

So, I grabbed a towel, the lube and Dorian and we headed downstairs to the living room. Dorian motioned for me to get comfortable in my massage recliner. At first, I set him in the chair so that I could unzip and slightly pull down his pants to give his cock enough exposure for sex. Then I got all situated underneath him, lubed my pussy up real well and we began what would be a very fun experience. Dorian is currently wearing the King Cock 7”, which is not only a nicely thick as well as long shaft with a nicely proportioned flared head, but it is also ultra realistic. The detail is so real!

With Dorian on top of me in the missionary position, I was able to support my feet at the top of the foot rest of the recliner and tilt my pelvis up toward the ceiling, allowing Dorian to fully penetrate me, while exposing my perineum in which his amazing large balls would slightly rub against in a “tickle” sensation that felt oh-so-good! With the shaft also being of thicker girth, it nicely stretched out my vaginal opening, which at the back of the opening, closest to my perineum, is another highly sensitive area that felt so good being gently stretched by his massive cock. The tip of his penis gently caressed the opening to my cervix in all the right ways while the main part of the shaft stimulated sensitive nerve endings inside my vaginal walls. It wasn’t long before I was having a very lovely and much needed, powerful orgasmic release. Dorian seemed quite satisfied, especially when I looked up at him and said, “Wow!” I’m sure that definitely stroked his pride a little bit.

We didn’t stop after my orgasm, however, but we did rest for a few moments before going at it again. I would say that was one of the best releases that I have had in a while! No offense to Doc, Larry or Lawrence, LOL!

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