It's Dorian and Alex's Birthday!

Yay for shared birthdays! This is the first year that I get to share my actual birthday with someone and it is a new experience. One that I openly welcome. I am not sure what Dorian and I can do on our birthdays, as I am still limited by my ongoing and complicated recovery, but I hope to be able to do at least something. I think that in this post, I will talk about what I fantasize about doing, whether I can actually do it or not. I think that would be a lot of fun!

Ok, so here is how I picture a great birthday. Dorian and I wake up next to one another in bed, roll over to face one another, if we aren’t already doing so and have these Cheshire cat grins on our faces because it is our day. In his deep, low and sexy voice he will quietly say, “Good morning, happy birthday,” to me, making my toes curl, my cheeks flush and me squeak with glee. I will chirp out the same phrase back to him, making him smile even more. He will take one hand and run his fingers through my hair and I will scoot closer to him and we will kiss passionately, while I run my fingertips over his back. Our hands will begin to explore and caress each others bodies and our kissing will become more intense and passionate. My hand will find it’s way down to his erect cock and balls while his finds it’s way down to my clit and pussy. We both will begin to stroke and rub each other causing us to become more aroused until we cannot hold off any longer.

I will roll over onto my back and open my legs as Dorian slides his boxers off and then goes after my panties to remove them as well. I will look up at him and into his eyes as he steadies himself above me and slowly begins to penetrate me, the head of his huge cock parting my labia and stretching my vaginal opening as he enters me. I will inhale sharply and arch my back, while he looks down at me, obviously proud of himself. As his shaft plunges deeper inside of me I will moan with pleasure, anticipating when he is balls-deep inside of me and the head of his cock is firmly pressed against my cervix.

We will kiss once more as he slowly begins to move his hips and thrust gently into me, driving me wild as his balls softly touch my perineum. I will begin to move my hips to compliment his thrusts. I will feel his cock continue to grow inside of me while my pussy becomes tighter due to my own engorgement. His pelvis will tickle my clitoris, further bringing sweet stimulation. My nipples will become erect, our hands will caress one another’s bodies, he will squeeze my breasts and suck my nipples. I will run my hands over his chest and back then grope and squeeze his tight ass with both of them, pulling him deeper inside of me, the tip of his cock now slightly dilating and penetrating the opening of my cervix.

By this point, neither one of us will be able to hold back any longer. I will begin to pulsate as I begin my orgasm, squeezing his cock and causing him to cum deep inside of me, my orgasm intensifying as I feel his huge and hard cock throbbing inside of me as I drain his balls. My legs will open wider for him and I will pull him even deeper inside of me. He will let out a deep low growl and throw his head back while I arch my back and cry out in intense pleasure.

When our orgasms are finished, we will kiss again, each running our fingers through one another’s hair. Breathless and totally satisfied, we will stay in this position until his cock loses it’s erection and he pulls out of me. We will stay in bed and curl up with one another, holding each other gently and lovingly. Hell if I know what we would do for the rest of the day, because the lovemaking was pretty much epic.

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