Victor Lawrence Sportello

I can’t believe it has been 7 weeks since our son was born! He and Victoria were actually due next Thursday, but they decided they wanted to make their debut early and get Christmas presents, LOL! I am grateful every day that they and Alex made it through the delivery safely. That was a huge concern with Doc and I. We are both just happy that everything turned out fine.

Victor has been growing and flourishing very well. I am a very proud father. I enjoy the time that I have with my son and definitely cherish every moment. He has my dark hair and Alex’s beautiful pale skin. We are still trying to figure out which other features he has between the two of us. He also has quite the head of hair on him, I always thought babies were born without any hair on their head and that it took a while for it to grow in, but not my son! He’s like a little woolly mammoth! A cute one, at that!

When I am holding him after feeding time or before I put him to bed for the night, he will look up at me with his large and curious eyes. He studies me and I study him. He has so much to learn and see and I can only imagine what is going on in his mind as he sees things for the first time. His little yawn is adorable and it makes my heart melt every time. He will wrap a hand around one of my fingers and hold it ever so gently, but also hanging on for dear life. I think that is a source of comfort for him and I am honored that he sees me as a source of comfort.

I’m slowly getting used to and getting decent at diaper and clothing changes. He is so small and of course his neck muscles haven’t strengthened yet to the point he can hold up his own head, so I am always ever so careful when I am changing his clothes and picking him up. I know he isn’t super fragile, but man, it’s like he is crystal or porcelain at the same time. Have you ever seen an infant or newborn stretch? OMG!! It is the most adorable thing that I have ever seen! Victor will be all scrunched up in his bassinet, co-sleeper or crib and his little tummy will lift in the air as his back arches and his little legs, feet, toes, arms, hands and fingers will curl in this completely adorable way and he will squint his eyes and it is just the most squee-worthy moment.

Once he reaches two months, here in a couple of weeks, he is going to start having what is called “tummy time,” where I will place him on his tummy on his play mat on the floor, sit next to him and help him develop his muscles in his neck, back arms and legs so that soon he will be able to hold his head up on his own, sit up, roll around, hold his own bottle and eventually learn to crawl and walk. He will get to see the world from a new point of view and it is going to be exciting! Oh how I love my baby boy!

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