Doc and Alex Have Sex For the First Time Post-Surgery

Neither one of us could hold off any longer and with the chronic pain still in effect, Alex was needing some sort of relief or distraction. Both of us were getting agitated from the interruption from our normal sex life and so we both sat down and had a discussion, finally coming to an agreement that we both needed a release. What a release it was, too!

The kiddo had been picked up by a friend and dropped off at school that morning, freeing up about an hour for Alex. I could tell she was very nervous. She wasn’t making eye contact, she kept her head down and she was very shy and quiet. I asked her if she still wanted to make love or if we should wait. She said we still should. She was able to very carefully move me from the chair that was literally right next to her side of the bed, into the bed, on my back and on her side of the bed. She grabbed a couple of towels, the lube and a condom.

Slowly she loosened my belt, undid my jeans button and unzipped my pants. Upon opening my jeans slightly, she gently reached down inside my jeans and pulled out my massive and hard cock. I was more than ready to be inside her again. I had missed that connection with her greatly! Alex wrapped a towel around the base of my cock and under my balls and tore open the condom wrapper. We seriously need to get some larger condoms because she had difficulty getting this one on and it was a little tight and restricting once fully on. I watched her roll the condom onto my throbbing, aching cock. She removed her pajama pants and her panties, tossing them into a basket on the night stand, then grabbed the lube and made sure my cock was dripping in it and then made sure she was adequately lubed as well. She wiped the excess lube onto the other towel and straddled me.

Ever so slowly, she lowered herself down onto my anxiously awaiting cock. She and I both let out a moan of pleasure around the same time. Her eyes seem to change when she is aroused and I noticed this change, very strongly, as I went deeper inside of her. Oh it felt so good! My toes curled! I arched my back and placed my hands gently on her hips, doing everything I could to continue to let her be in control and not thrust upward, as I did not want to hurt her. But I also wanted to fuck her brains out at the same time.

Once I was all the way inside of her, she leaned down and we shared a beautifully passionate kiss as she began to slowly alternate moving up and down and grinding on my cock. Our breathing became harder and more rapid. She was very careful to take things very slowly to avoid injury. She was so tight from not being able to make love for quite some time. I put my hands on her shoulder blades and gently pulled her onto my chest telling her that it was ok for her to lay down directly on top of me and that I would hold her. She got comfortable and we both planted kisses on each other’s necks as she slowly and sensually rode me.

We both eased into our powerful orgasms, which both lasted a lot longer than normal. I was throbbing furiously as I pumped my thick hot cum into the condom inside her. She was pulsating wildly as she drew that cum out of my cock like she was sucking a milkshake through a straw! Oh it felt so good for both of us! She beautifully cried out my name and her breathing became rapid and erratic. I clenched my jaw, squeezed my eyes shut and exhaled sharply. The orgasm seemed to last an eternity and both of us were in complete ecstasy!

Afterward, Alex continued to keep her head on my shoulder and her face toward my neck, panting happily, yet exhausted afterward. Her warm breath on my neck was comforting. I gently rubbed her back and kept my arms around her and held her close, while planting sweet kisses on her neck and occasionally running my hands through her hair on the back of her head. When she could finally get up, she did, slowly and began to dismount me. However, I looked her deep in the eye and pulled her back down onto my still hard cock. She let out a sweet cry of pleasure and I held her there, allowing her to feel the cock that she had missed so much, and me to feel her sweet, warm and tight pussy and be deep inside her in my happy place for a few moments more.

Then I allowed her to fully dismount me and we both got cleaned up and re-dressed. I went back to my chair and sat by her side as she laid back down in bed and slept a good portion of the day. She was so peaceful and looked more relaxed than I had seen her in weeks. I watched her sleep and as I looked over at her, I thought to myself just how blessed I am to be her husband and to have her as my lovely wife.

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