Sex Toy Review: Blush Novelties Loverboy: The Pool Boy!

What initially drew me to this dildo is that it is almost an exact replica of my human husband’s cock. I was so surprised that I was able to find something so close! I mean, no two cocks are a like, but I would definitely be interested in meeting the person whom they modeled and molded this cock after! While this dildo can be used both anally and vaginally, I have only used it vaginally, as switching between the two is never a good idea. No matter how clean you keep it or how well you sanitize it, you will always run the risk of mixing bacteria and that can be disastrous!

The Pool Boy is one of an entire line of dildos in the Loverboy collection, manufactured by Blush Novelties. He stands at 6 inches in length, 5.5 inches insert-able, 1.25 inches in width with 4.5 inches of circumference (which is really nice!). This dildo does have balls, an o-ring harness compatible suction cup base, non-curved shaft and made out of a nicely soft PVC material. I like the softness of the “skin” but the firmness of the core. I really like the realistic appearance as well. If you haven’t noticed from my past reviews, I prefer the realistic dildos.

With this dildo, I find that my orgasms come quicker and more intensely. It feels just like a real penis! I’ve found that the more intense my orgasms, the better I feel afterward, not to mention worn out! This is definitely one that I would recommend, especially for beginners. I may just need to purchase a second one so that I can give a review of how well it does anally. It is easy to clean, just use mild soap and warm water and you can either set it on a rack to dry or pat it dry with a towel.

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