Alex and Her Cats

During the day while HH is at work and the kiddo is at school, aside from me and my brothers, Alex has the company of her three cats, Skittee, Coalie and Scarlett. The family dog, Cutie, usually hangs out in the kiddo’s room or downstairs on the couch until time to go outside for a potty break. The cats are very protective and loving toward Alex and they spend much of the day curled up with her in bed.

Coalie, the smallest cat, is a total sweet heart and cuddle bug. She will come up to Alex and lightly tap her arm with her paw, looking up at Alex sweetly as if to ask for some pets or to come lay on her collarbone and purr the day away. Coalie seems to have the strongest sense of what is going on. She will also lay on Alex’s lap and has even braved her way onto the left side of her abdomen, doing her best to avoid the incisions on the right side.

Skittee, the youngest and biggest cat, loves to curl up in Alex’s arm at her left side or right next to her on HH’s side of the bed. He keeps her plenty entertained when he shows off his adorable side by rolling over onto his back, exposing his belly, flexing his toes, chirping at her, giving her teddy bear face, etc. But he is also the one who begins to knock everything off the night stand and vanity table two hours before meal time at 3 am, much to her annoyance. She still loves him though because he gives her that innocent teddy bear face which gets him out of trouble pretty quick.

Scarlett is very sweet and loving, but she prefers her solitude. She will come and check in on Alex a lot and has even set her hatred aside for Skittee and curled up in the bed with Alex as well. Sometimes all three cats are piled up in the bed. Scarlett will look at Alex with sad and concerned eyes and will be playful with her. Alex pets her head and Scarlett will take her two front paws and hold onto Alex’s hand and start licking it before giving it a few play bites. Scarlett also “shows” Alex how she likes her head rubbed by having Alex hold her hand above her head and then Scarlett moving her head underneath Alex’s hand. Scarlett is a really smart cat.

Alex will sit and observe their behavior, as she loves to study living beings and their behaviors, while trying to understand why the particular behavior is being utilized. Alex has even learned certain meanings behind the behaviors and does her best to mimic the behaviors to better understand and communicate with the cats, much to their enjoyment. These actions have helped to create a very strong emotional and trusting bond between her and the cats. I think it is fascinating to watch how she interacts with them and they to her. Her beloved animal companions are very important to her and it really shows.

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