Sexual Fantasy Fiction

In an earlier post, I had mentioned writing and sharing the guys’ and Samantha’s backstories. I have also thought about beginning to write and share different sexual fantasies that I have about them. That will definitely spice things up a bit. We all have fantasies and other things that turn us on. When you are with someone you are interested in and care deeply about, if not love, these fantasies are completely natural. They can also be a lot of fun, not only to write out and create, but also to act upon!

Some of the most common fantasies that I have heard about are those involving a lonely housewife with an in-home service provider of their choice, doctors and patients, cops and prostitutes, businessmen and secretaries, you get the idea. But how about a P.I. Rescuing a damsel in distress? Behind the dumpster in a dark alley sex? Too dark? Hehe, sorry. But yes, those are a few that have crossed my mind. I also like the idea of the “friendly” neighbor who comes over to help with some “handywork.” Goodness, I can be naughty!

What kinds of fantasies turn you on? What do you think about most often? I would love to hear from you while I share what turns ME on!

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