A Room of Our Own: Part 2

However, all her work was in vain. When HH came home that night, he sat down with her and told her that we all could have the master bedroom and that he would move downstairs. Alex protested saying that she wanted to move downstairs with us and she wanted him to put together the spare bed for us. He then told her that it was he, that should take the downstairs since we were already up in the master bedroom and there was no need to move us; he had less to move. Reluctantly Alex agreed.

She was kind enough to help HH move his clothes downstairs and he brought all of our stuff from the downstairs closet upstairs and into the master closet where his belongings once hung and into his drawers in the chest of drawers. He also moved everything back into it’s original place downstairs. He wasn’t going to put the bed in the bedroom, instead he would sleep on the futon. Alex organized our things in the closet and the chest of drawers.

That night, Alex put Doc in bed next to her and she climbed into bed with him and curled up in a little ball on his chest. He put his arms around her and held her. She fell asleep really quick and actually managed to sleep through most of that night. When she woke the next morning, she felt refreshed. She said she hadn’t slept that good in a very long time.

HH had gone to work without so much of any word to Alex. He told the kiddo goodbye, but not Alex and he had seemed to be on friendly terms with her the night before. It was messing with her head. Doc offered a distraction by having her help him write his weekly article. They also talked a lot. She took a nap, the kiddo came home from school, HH came home from work and life carried on.

The following day, Doc and Alex snuggled in bed with Victoria and they all snuggled up for a little nap. When Alex woke up she walked over to the chaise lounge and sat in between me and Samantha and held Victor. She talked to him and fed him. She fed Victoria and changed her outfit. It was nice being able to sit by her and watch as she fed Victor. There is something so sweet about a Mom feeding her baby. Doc, Dorian and Lawrence also watched in amazement and awe.

That evening when the kiddo and HH came home, HH called a family meeting. There are changes going on at his job and he is going to have to have a decision made by Monday. Either way, they have to move. Me, Doc, Dorian, Lawrence or Alex will write about that in a future post. But it caused a lot of anxiety in Alex. She always gets anxiety before huge life changes. Then HH’s niece wanted to come spend the weekend and so the arrangements were made for that as well.

The niece arrived later that evening and they all sat down and had a quiet dinner. After dinner, Alex went back upstairs to bed with Doc and Victoria. They began to watch “#Cats the Mewvie” on Netflix, but Alex soon got very tired and so they all curled up together and went to sleep. Alex fell asleep again very quickly, but this night she was restless as she was sweating profusely and was in quite a bit of pain.

When she woke up the next morning, the bed sheets and blankets were soaked with sweat, so she unmade the bed and washed all of them. Doc made his way to the chaise lounge sitting in between me and Samantha. Samantha held Victoria. While Alex was washing and drying the bedding, she begun the process of getting the kiddo up and ready to go, as she had a cluster orchestra concert that day, but rehearsal all that morning. HH took the kiddo to the school and dropped her off.

Once the bedding was all washed, dried and the bed remade, Alex made her way to the shower to get cleaned up. She has felt awful all day. She took her pain meds and has been drinking a lot of water, but it looks like in addition to everything else that is going on, that she now has a UTI. Poor thing just can’t catch a break. But she finished her shower and dried off and put on some comfortable clean clothes and went back to sit on the bed and snuggle with her cats.

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