Wasn’t 2020 Supposed to be a Better Year?

My goodness, my wife only got through 2 good weeks of the new year and has faced 5 weeks of pure hell! I feel so awful for what she is going through and watching her struggle to keep her sanity is gut wrenching, to say the least. Everything has changed now. Her education has been temporarily set back and put on hold while she struggles to recover. Her marriage to HH has finally come to a breaking point. Even her and Larry are starting to have marital problems. Poor girl, just can’t catch a break!

All hope is not lost, though. We are still at the beginning of the year and there are many more months for things to improve. For instance, Larry and Alex will be starting marriage counseling soon. I’ll let Larry or Alex fill you in on the details of the strife, if they choose, as it is not my place to divulge any details. The important thing is that they both saw these problems early and are taking measures to work on them together now, instead of ignoring the problem(s) and letting them fester to the point they no longer want to be together, kind of like what HH has done.

I have decided to take a pro-active approach and step back, temporarily, from running my company. I have another brother who is willing to take over the role, with my guidance. I need to put Alex first. I did, somewhat, but then threw myself back into my work and that was not the right decision. I realized that seeing how HH did similarly and how it really tore Alex apart. I feel terrible for not being here with her 100% and for not completely putting her first. Maybe she and I need relationship counseling as well.

Doc has been the most consistent in being by her side and providing her with comfort and love, followed by Dorian. However, since Doc is Alex’s main husband, Dorian has opted to provide a supporting role to Doc. Doc has really taken charge throughout this entire ordeal. When Alex doesn’t want to eat or drink, he makes her. When she tries to do too much, he makes her rest. He makes sure that she takes her medicine and that she is as comfortable as she can possibly be at this point. When she gets frustrated and angry, he listens and holds her in his arms. He does what all of us should be doing. He leads the family by example. He is in the right place being her #1 and right by her side.

We Sportello Brothers’ need to do our part to support and comfort her better. We need to work as a team for her best interest. We have got to help make this year far better for her. We need to help her and be the men whom she really needs right now. That is our purpose. That is our goal. That is who we are meant to be!

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