Dorian’s Fantasy: Part 2 of 2

Next thing Alex knew, she was being thrown face-down over the side of the bed. Dorian reached in the night stand and grabbed a large bottle of lube. His pants were already unzipped and his glorious thick, long and incredibly sexy uncut cock was ready to penetrate her in whatever entry he pleased. He walked over to a small chest at the foot of the bed and grabbed a spreader bar with ankle cuffs at each end and a separate pair of soft wrist cuffs. “Don’t move,” he ordered. Alex stayed still as her naked and vulnerable body remained bent over the side of the bed. First, Dorian spread her legs and affixed the cuffs of the spreader bar to each ankle and locked the bar in place. As he got up to stand he spanked her butt hard, causing Alex to wince and squeak. He leaned over her body and pressed the tip of his cock against her labia as he kissed the nape of her neck softly and affixed the wrist cuffs to both of her wrists. He whispered to her before he pulled himself away, “Keep your hands right here and don’t move. If you need the bite gag, just let me know, babe.” Alex nodded, showing she understood. She did her best to remain still.

Alex could hear Dorian removing his belt. She felt a hard smack against her ass a few moments later. She cried out. Dorian spanked her again. This time Alex drew in a sharp inhale. She tried as hard as she could to remain still as Dorian spanked her over and over with the belt. She loved the pain. She loved how he spanked her. “That’s my good girl,” Dorian said, approvingly to Alex. Alex remained silent, but did manage to smile. She had pleased Dorian and her heart was filled with joy.

Dorian walked back over to the chest at the foot of the bed and came back with a small silicone butt plug with a purple jewel at the end. He grabbed the lube and saturated the plug. He knelt down behind Alex and with one hand he applied some lube to her anal opening and then placed a loving hand on her lower back as he slowly inserted the plug fully into her anus. Alex began to shake with pleasure and Dorian could see that her pussy was getting more engorged and wet. He smiled. Then he stood and positioned himself behind her, lubing his throbbing cock.

He teased her by rubbing his cock over her labia and inserting just the tip and pulling back out. Alex began to squirm. Dorian could tell that her pussy wanted to grab onto his cock and pull him all the way inside of her. He didn’t have her wait for too long. Dorian slowly positioned the head of his cock at her vaginal opening, held it steady with one hand and with the other he placed it firmly on Alex’ s shoulder and slowly began to penetrate her. Once his head was in, he gave a quick and hard thrust for Alex to take the rest of him deep inside her. Alex moaned with pleasure. Dorian moved both his hands to her hips and held them firm, but gently as he began to thrust inside of her. “You like that, don’t you?” he asked. Alex nodded her head and squeaked. Dorian reached around Alex’s waist and began to rub her clit as he fucked her hard. Alex’s hips began to move to his thrusts, her shoulders became tense. “Cum in me, Dorian, please?” she asked desperately. Dorian smiled. “You want me to press my cock hard against your cervix and release my sperm?” Alex breathed out a “Yes!” Dorian continued, “You like having unprotected sex with me?” Alex nodded, still breathless. “How bad do you want my baby?” He asked, his voice hoarse, husky and filled with desire. “More than anything, Dorian!” Alex cried out. Dorian leaned over and whispered in Alex’s ear, “Your wish is my command, my darling, my love,” and he pressed the tip of his cock into the opening of her cervix as her orgasm began and he fully released his hot, thick cum inside of her. Both of them began to moan loudly. Dorian continued to press the tip of his cock as deep into her cervix as possible so that as much sperm could find it’s way to one of her eggs. His cock was throbbing and pulsating wildly inside of her while her pussy was doing the same to draw his cum out of his cock and into her body. She wanted it bad! She wanted him even more!

Afterward, they both lay there panting, completely exhausted and out of breath. Dorian kept his cock pressed into Alex’s cervix until his erection subsided. Once he pulled out of her, he uncuffed her ankles and wrists, tossing the cuffs and the spreader bar onto the floor. Alex was shaking and so Dorian pulled back the covers, cradled Alex in his arms and laid her down gently on her side of the bed. He removed his pants and boxers, fully nude at this point, and climbed into bed next to her. He pulled her tight to his chest, wrapped his arms around her and pulled the covers over the both of them and they fell into a most wonderful post-sex sleep.

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