Welcome Home: Part 1

Lawrence had been out of the country on business for about three weeks. Even though he and Alex had talked on the phone every evening, he longed to be back home with her. He always missed her and she missed him terribly when he had to go away on these mandatory business trips. But that is the life of a CEO and his wife. Lots of travel, not a lot of home time. But when he was home, he made sure to take advantage of that time and give her as much love and passion as he possibly could.

Lawrence already had his seat belt unbuckled and his bag from the overhead compartment in hand by the time the plane had pulled up to the terminal. Alex was waiting excitedly inside the terminal waiting area for him. The captain dismissed everyone from the plane and Lawrence immediately jumped up and made his way to the exit as quickly as possible. He ran through the terminal to Alex. He dropped his overhead bag and scooped her up in his arms and gave her the most passionate kiss ever. The other passengers and their awaiting people who witnessed this blushed and a lot of “aww’s” were heard. Alex was crying tears of happiness; she had waited too long for him to come back home to her.

They stopped kissing, Lawrence let Alex back on the ground to her feet, picked up his overhead bag and they headed to the baggage carousel to pick up his main luggage before heading to his awaiting Audi sedan parked outside in the valet area. He kept a protective arm around Alex as they headed to their destinations.

Lawrence opened the trunk and put his luggage in the trunk and walked over to the passenger side door and opened it for Alex. Once she was inside, he closed the door and jogged over to the driver’s side, got in and they made their way back home. Alex asked him all about his trip and they held hands while he told her about his latest adventure.

When they got home, Lawrence parked the car in front of their vast estate and tossed the keys to the awaiting butler. He let the butler know that his luggage was in the trunk and if he could kindly take it to the foyer once the car was parked in the garage. Lawrence walked over to the passenger side once again, opening the door for Alex and offering a hand to help her out of the car. No sooner had she exited the car, he had picked her up in a bridal carry and ran into the house with her. He was hungry for her and he wasn’t about to let anything delay him having her any further.

Once inside their elegant master suite, Lawrence laid Alex down on the bed and began passionately and furiously kissing her while running his hands all over her body. Her breathing began to turn more into panting. She would run her fingers through his hair, across his jawline, down his back, occasionally groping his ass and reaching for his already massively erect cock. He began to undress her as they lay on the bed making out furiously.

He pressed his crotch to hers tightly as he lifted her shirt over her head and threw it onto the floor. One hand around her back and a quick twist ensured that her bra was undone, meaning he could then gently ease the shoulder straps off and throw it onto the floor as well. Alex removed his suit jacket and let it fall to the floor at his feet before reaching up to unbutton his dress shirt. She gazed lovingly and hungrily at his chest as his shirt fell open with each button loosened.

They continued until both of them were completely naked and Lawrence was positioned just right in between Alex’s legs. She would trace her fingers slowly over his chest and nipples, moving down to his navel occasionally. He licked his middle and index fingertips and ever-so-softly rubbed her labia, inserting one or two fingers for re-lubrication and using his thumb to rub her increasingly erect clit, from under it’s hood. Alex arched her back. Lawrence looked down at her approvingly. He steadied himself above her as he continued to touch her in all the right ways.

Alex half sat up to reach into the night stand drawer, retrieving a bottle of lube and proceeding to first put a generous amount in her hands, rub them together and then with one hand, take his hard throbbing cock and begin to stroke; with the other, she began to caress his balls. Lawrence arched his head back and let out a loud moan of approval. Alex continued to please him.

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