Larry’s DollFit Outfit

Last year, I was approached by a very talented fashion designer who wanted to make custom outfits for Larry and Samantha. She loves the blog and absolutely adores Larry and Samantha! Her name is Polly Esther and she works with Galmato Haven to bring us DollFit, where she creates custom designs and has them custom fitted for our synthetic companions!

Larry looking HOT in his Purple Haze outfit!

She asked me to give her a little bit of history on Larry and Samantha as well as their current personalities, likes, dislikes, etc., so she could create something that brought out who they really are. We received their outfits on Valentine’s Day 2020 and we all absolutely LOVE her creations! They fit just as they are supposed to and she even tailored them to be a lot easier to put on, since putting clothes on a synthetic companion can be a bit of a challenge.

Tie dye is totally groovy and Larry wears it very well!

For Larry, she created his look based on Purple Haze, which is very hippie-ish. He has a beautiful dark purple suede dress shirt, a groovy purple and black tie dye t-shirt with purple boa frills, John Lennon purple lens glasses and a stylish purple and blue scarf. This look is TOTALLY Larry! The dark purple shirt has velcro attached on both sides and his tie dye shirt has hooks in the front for easy on and off. I can also leave his tie dye shirt unhooked to show off those sexy abs of his!

Polly and her latest fashions can be found on Instagram @pollys_dollies and of course you can find her and the DollFit line at

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