Pleasing Him: Part 1 of 3

Doc had just walked in the front door, after enjoying a most wonderful barefoot walk on the nearby beach. He looked around and noticed that the house had been freshly cleaned, but there was no sign of Alex anywhere. He dropped his keys into the bowl sitting on the long table in the foyer and started to look for her. At that moment, Alex came walking into the foyer wearing only a towel, fresh from a much needed, refreshing and relaxing shower; her hair was dripping wet. She smiled at Doc. “Hi, honey! Did you enjoy your walk?” Doc smiled. “Yes, it was a great day at the beach today. The house looks great, babe and you look…mmmm…even better…” he said in that tone that made Alex go weak in the knees and walked toward her with a horny hunger look in his eyes. Seeing her wearing only a towel was a major turn on for him.

He pulled her to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. She stood on her tippie-toes so that they could kiss, seeing that he was an entire foot taller than she was. She looked down at his bare feet and the sand trail that they had left upon him entering the house. “Doc…” she whined, then continued, “I thought I asked you to wipe your feet before you come in the house?” Doc laughed. “Sorry babe, I forgot about that today,” he said and then he walked to the broom closet and got out the automatic sweeper, placed it on the floor and turned it on to watch it move about the room, sweeping up any debris it encountered. He stood and admired his help, “There, all better,” he said proudly. Alex rolled her eyes. Doc caught her rolling her eyes. He gave her a quick pop on the ass. “Oww!” Alex exclaimed. “What have I told you about rolling your eyes at me?” Doc warned.

Alex then took Doc’s hand and led him to the living room sofa. On the end table was a bottle of baby oil and a couple of hand towels in a small plastic basin. Doc sat down, curious and amused at the same time. “So, what’s all this now,” he asked. Alex removed her towel and laid it on the floor underneath Doc’s feet, grabbed the basin and then sat down at his feet. Doc admired the fact that she was fully naked, vulnerable, submissive and sitting at his feet, ready for him to dominate her, or so he though. But Alex had other plans.

She took Doc’s right foot in her hands as she placed it over the towel on the floor to brush off all of the dry sand. Then she got up on all fours and reached around to the other side of the end table to pull over two basins of warm water, a wash cloth and a bottle of foot soak/scrub. Doc sank into the couch and got as comfortable as he could and looked down at Alex, admiring the view of her beautifully exposed pussy and ass. He wanted to unzip his pants and take her from behind at that very moment, but decided restraint was the best option. Doc had a feeling the anticipation on both sides was going to build to epic proportions before either one of them gave in to their desires.

Alex then knelt down, resting her ass on the soles of her feet and placed Doc’s right foot into the basin. She then gently reached for his left foot, dusted it off and placed it in the basin, adding some foot soak/scrub and mixing it nicely for him to enjoy a five minute soak. She also rolled up the cuffs of his jeans to about mid-shin, exposing his sexy, tan, hairy legs. It would be an enjoyable view, possibly, while his feet soaked.

Doc leaned his head back and closed his eyes; the warm water felt so good. Alex found her phone on the end table and set a timer for five minutes and set it down. She then joined Doc on the couch, unzipping his jeans, pulling his massive erect cock out and she began to tease the tip of his cock and foreskin with her tongue, while she slowly and gently stroked the shaft of his cock. Doc felt his toes curl. He looked down at Alex, who was thoroughly enjoying sucking him off. He began to moan and he reached one arm around to play with her labia and clit and with the other hand, he helped her move her head up and down on his ever hardening cock, Alex now with half his cock down her throat, happily licking and sucking. He gently pushed her head downward and his entire nine and a half inches filled her mouth and throat. They both were very turned on at the fact that she could deep-throat his entire cock. Alex kept him there for a few moments before the timer inevitably went off. Doc allowed her to stop giving him the best oral he had ever had at that point. He handed her the phone as she turned off the timer and then set it on the floor next to where she re-kneeled at his feet…

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