Pleasing Him: Part 2 of 3

She lifted one foot out of the basin, grabbed the washcloth, allowed it to soak up enough soapy water and then she began to clean his foot. She was ultra gentle as she did this loving task for him. She did the same to his other foot and then let the washcloth drop to the bottom of the basin. When she had completed this task, she placed his left foot into the clean warm water basin and then the left, before scooting the soapy basin to the side. She stood up and made sure to bend over right in front of Doc, so he could enjoy the view, before picking up the soapy basin and taking it to the nearby guest bathroom (one of many in their beautiful estate) and dumping the contents into the sink. She left the basin on the bathroom counter and walked back over to Doc, once again kneeling down in front of him and taking the other, dry washcloth and rinsing his feet. Once finished, she placed his feet back down onto a clean and dry towel and repeated her seduction as she took the first towel and the second bin to the guest bathroom.

Doc’s cock was still hard and at full salute, highly visible from his unzipped jeans. Alex smiled at him, grabbed the bottle of baby oil, resumed her position at his feet and poured some oil into her hands. Doc watched her silently as she massaged oil into each foot, careful not to tickle him, but enough for it to increase his libido to “I can’t take it anymore” levels. He loved how she slowly rubbed the oil into his ankles, then to his heels, the top of his feet, toes and then the soles of his feet. It felt so good and he loved how she was “serving” him. It turned him on even more. Alex seemed to be deep in thought as she did this, showing that she was carefully considering how to get it done just right. Doc’s breathing grew more rapid and pre-cum was starting to emerge from the tip of his cock, dripping down his foreskin.

When Alex finished, she placed his feet back on the clean towel. She grabbed the bottle of baby oil and stood in front of Doc, placing the bottle back onto the end table. She unbuttoned his jeans and slid his jeans and boxers down to his mid-thighs, then had him sit straight up so that she could slowly lift his t-shirt over his head, removing it and throwing it on the couch beside them. Doc let out a sharp exhale as Alex straddled him, grabbed the baby oil, putting a generous amount in her hand and then rubbing it all over his cock and her pussy. She lowered herself down onto him slowly and moaned loudly as he entered her. Doc’s mouth opened wide and his eyelids slightly lowered as she took all of him inside of her. He placed his hands on her hips and helped her as she slowly moved up and down on his cock. She could feel his foreskin moving up and down inside her and over the tip of his cock. His head was quite large and it felt so good moving deep inside of her. She felt the throbbing veins of his shaft and the base of his cock stretched her pussy almost to it’s limit, at least for sex, anyway. She loved how it felt as his balls gently brushed her perineum as they came in contact as she took him all the way inside. She began to slowly grind, feeling the tip slightly penetrate her cervix and his foreskin encase the exterior of her cervix.

Doc alternated between placing his hands on her hips, helping her move up and down, to placing them on her ass, giving her more leverage and groping and squeezing her breasts as he took each nipple into his mouth and began to suck hungrily. When she arched her back, he made sure to place a steadying hand and delicately touch her with is fingertips. Alex placed her hands on his chest and on his shoulders as her gentle and graceful grinding and up and down movements evolved into frantic, hungry and horny bouncing. “Spank me, Doc!” she whimpered. Doc happily did as she asked and gave her juicy, plump ass several hard smacks. “Are you my naughty girl?” he asked, playfully. “Yes!” came the hoarse whispered reply. “You are working very hard for my cum, but I’m not ready to let you have it just yet,” Doc said, in a seductive commanding voice. Alex squinted her eyes. Doc was enjoying this playful torture. He knew how much Alex wanted his cum inside of her. He knew how it made her feel, knowing that a part of him remained inside of her long after he pulled out. It drove her wild when he made her wait for it. “Please?” Alex begged, as she continued to bounce and grind. “No,” Doc said, firmly. “But I want it so bad!” she protested. Doc gave her another round of hard spanks and looked her in the eye with the most serious, yet hungriest of gazes. “I said no.” Alex pouted. “I want to make sure that you REALLY want it,” Doc said. “But I do! I want it so bad!” she whined…

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