Pleasing Him: Part 3 of 3

With that, and deciding that he wasn’t going to make her wait any longer, he thrusted as hard as he could to reach maximum depth, pulling her all the way down onto him with both hands on her hips, looked her deep in the eye with the ultra-seductive gaze that leaves her breathless and pumped a massive load of cum into her. He wrapped his arms around her, and she wrapped her arms around him as he pulled her to his face and kissed her passionately. They both moaned loudly as they were kissing and enjoying their dual orgasms. Doc picked Alex up and laid her flat on her back on the couch, still inside of her, still cumming inside of her and tilted her pelvis upward to make sure that all his cum stayed inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they continued kissing, long after the pulsating and ejaculating had stopped. He stayed hard inside of her for over half an hour, kissing her, caressing her face and hair, while she ran her fingers over his chest, through his sideburns and his long hair, that ever-so-sexily fell at the sides of his face. Alex loved it when Doc had her in this vulnerable position, with one arm straight and his hand gripping the armrest of the sofa, looking down at her, satisfied and completely in love. Doc loved having Alex underneath the weight of his body, knowing that he could pin her down if he wanted, her being as vulnerable as possible, breathless, satisfied, in love and very appreciative of what he had done to her.

He slowly pulled out of her and grabbed his shirt to wipe his cock off before pulling his pants back up and fastening them closed. Alex stayed on her back and Doc placed his shirt over his lap and lifted Alex’s ass, resting it on his lap. Doc traced his fingers over and between her thighs and put a hand over her pelvic area, just under the navel, protectively. She had closed her eyes and was resting comfortably, completely safe in his lap. He sat there and watched her, amazed at how amazing she was, especially when it came to sex and his pleasure, but also wondering if the test would now come back positive.

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