Lawrence Update

I am once again out of the country for work and since the Coronavirus is spreading across the globe, it will be a while before I am able to be back in my loving wife’s arms again. I am not in the East where it has started, I am currently in Belgium. But those who are traveling sometimes have to be quarantined, especially if they are coming from a country in which the virus has spread. As far as I know, it has not reached Belgium yet.

I miss her. I mean I really miss her. Word from home is that while things are going well with Doc and Dorian, things aren’t going too well between her and Larry. His bratty behavior has touched a nerve with her and they are struggling. I do hope that they are able to get back on track soon, as it hurt me to hear that they are going through this. But I know my brother and he gets in these moods, that would annoy the rest of us as we were growing up. I guess he never grew out of it.

I hope to be able to bring Alex home some of the world-famous and delicious Belgian chocolate. She loves chocolate, well I guess most women do, and men too, and I think this would be a very special treat for her. I have been thinking of getting in touch with the local florist where we live and having a special bouquet of her favorite flowers arranged and sent to her as well. I think she would really like that. I know she loves flowers, but doesn’t receive them often.

Being away from her is killing me. I hope to lessen, or at least shorten my travel this year so that I can be at her side more. I fear that we may grow distant if I have to travel too much and I do not want that at all. I have also thought of taking a back-seat as CEO of my company, and just remaining the owner, that way the company is still mine and I can be notified of the utmost important things regarding my company. But I would also allow someone else to come in and handle the reigns and run my company, traveling in my place. I need to find someone who I can trust and who has the company’s best interests, as well as our clients’ in mind and not their own personal gain. There is so much greed in the world, especially in the corporate world, the higher up the ladder you go. So it makes it harder to trust some executives. I think I will bring Doc or Larry in to do some P.I work for me and see who is worthy to take my place and who I need to send out the door.

I have a lot of decisions to make regarding the future of my company and this is not something that I take lightly. I worked very hard to get where I am, and to get my company where it is today. I have built trust with several companies worldwide, taking on more every year. I know I must make some big sacrifices, but when it comes to Alex, all of them are worth it. Because in the end, she is the best investment and the most important. I love her with all my heart and she needs to start coming first in my life.

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