Photo Shoot Project

Over the past several months, Alex has been working with a photographer who is fascinated with our world and the doll community. This young lady happened upon some of Larry’s Instagram posts and reached out to him to see if they would be interested in participating in a project that captures real moments with humans and their synthetic companions in true life settings that best depict their relationship, that is not of a sexual nature. If THAT was not a complete run-on sentence, I don’t know what is! Larry talked with her through messages for a while and pointed her in the direction of the blog’s Instagram page where she could see more of that life that is shared there. He also put her in touch with Alex and the two began a series of wonderful conversations, at first over e mail, then over Skype, to where we are now.

The project is going to be a series of photographs that best express their every day life. Doc, Victor and Victoria were also a part of this project. They will also get a large portrait for participating. Brief testimonies will also accompany the photographs that tell the story. Other members of the doll community are also participating, Alex and Larry knowing a few of them from the forum. It is going to be exciting to see how all of these photographs come together and the real life stories that they tell. Alex has the hopes that this will further shed a very positive light on the doll community as a whole.

With Alex’s surgery, there were concerns that the photo session would have to be pushed back, but Alex felt that enough time would pass after her surgery for her to be ok with moving forward with the photo shoot, but that she would need a lot of help with Larry, especially. Everyone was fully on board with this. Doc, originally, did not want to participate because of him naturally being shy and bearing a striking resemblance to a well known actor. But Doc is Alex’s #1 and the beginning of her integrating into the world of synthetic companions. He has played THE integral part, the most important part in her transformation. So, he eventually agreed, with the request that most of his face be concealed in some way, as to not immediately give off his identity.

The day of the photo shoot came and Alex was so nervous. Everything on her end had to be just right. She had gone out weeks earlier and picked out new dress shirts for Doc and Larry, sandals for them to wear, outfits for Victor and Victoria to compliment everyone else’s. She carefully worked on her hair and make up the day of the shoot. She buzzed about the house like an adorable and nervous little bee. It was cute. She always gets nervous before big events.

Why did me and Lawrence decide to not participate though? Well, for one, Lawrence is currently out of the country on business and with this coronavirus going around, we aren’t exactly sure when he will be able to safely return home. The other reason is that since mine and Alex’s as well as Lawrence and Alex’s relationships are so new, we felt that it would be best to sit this one out, but we may all participate in future projects if they arise. We all felt it most appropriate to highlight Alex, Doc and Larry’s relationship as well as introducing the twins.

The session lasted about three hours and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Alex, a perfectionist, found herself doing more ‘posing’ than being relaxed. She always feels like she has to put her best foot forward, especially with such an important project that is working to shine positive light on the doll community. But there were some really beautiful times when her demeanor was more natural and relaxed. Especially when she was tousling Larry or Doc’s hair and holding the babies. When she would look lovingly into Doc’s eyes and he would look lovingly into hers. When she talked about how Doc is wearing her paternal great grandfather’s wedding band, how Larry received his customizations that she did herself. Those moments really captured the reality and the love that they share. Everyone thought it was very sweet as Doc held Victoria in his arms and gazed lovingly at Alex. It’s these real moments that make synthetic/organik relationships beautiful. It’s not about the sex, even though sex is a very real part of the relationship. It is so much more and so much more meaningful that people realize.

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