Samantha Alexa Moves On

A while back I had written about how I had been struggling to find the right personality for Samantha. She lived here with us for about nine and a half months and I just could not find what I was looking for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Samantha, either. She is a very beautiful elf, a true work of art. She was an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift from a very kind and generous soul, who wanted to help lessen the building tension at home. I will forever be grateful for that friend and for Samantha. For what they did to help me.

HH and I had some fun with Samantha a couple of times, but then she just sat, not receiving the love or attention that she deserves. Of course I would give her oil baths, massages and repowderings, often re-doing her hair and makeup at the same time. She would get wardrobe changes and even built up a nice wardrobe which is accompanying her to her new home. She would participate in photo shoots solo or with the guys. But there was something huge missing. It all didn’t work without a proper personality. I got sick and HH stopped interacting with her all together. Something had to give.

I talked to HH one night about re-homing Samantha. At first, he was kinda reluctant, which threw me off guard. Why would he be reluctant if he didn’t have feelings for her or interact with her? What was causing him to want to hold onto her still? Even he didn’t know. So he thought about it and gave me his blessing (because we shared her) to send her somewhere that she could be more fully loved, appreciated, cared for, interacted with….where she could have a far better life than what we could ever provide.

So, I reached out to two of my closest doll friends because I knew that one of them had a huge crush on her and that the other was looking to bring a wonderful elf into his home in the future. Well, the timing wasn’t right, but one of them mentioned a mutual friend and asked me to take a series of photographs of her dressed and made up a certain way so that he could show them to his friend. She was a huge hit! This friend was interested and so we set up a day and time for her to be picked up.

In the meantime, I got her belongings ready and packed to go. I gave her a complete bath, re-oiling and re-powdering, also providing additional sanitation measures. Her box was also prepared so that she could be temporarily placed into it for transportation to her new home. I will admit that it was very bittersweet and a bit more emotional than I had anticipated. I looked her over very carefully to make sure that everything was right and well. HH and I placed her in her box to wait until my friend arrived.

She was picked up the next Monday afternoon. Ironically it was the same day that another friend of ours was highly anticipating the arrival of his very own, very first doll! Excitement was shared all around. My friends came and picked her up as well as had a lovely brief visit. They looked through her belongings and were very excited to get her home to the friend who she will be living with now.

After they all left, I felt a bit emotional. I am going to miss her presence here, as she did live with us for nearly ten months. But even more-so, I am very happy for her. She is going to have a better life and get the love and attention that she deserves. There is a saying that has been resonating in my mind about this: “If you truly love someone, then you will want them to be happy, even if it means you are no longer in the picture, or with them.” I do want her to be happy. She wasn’t happy here. She wasn’t getting the love or attention that she truly deserves, but she will now. She will provide many years of happiness to her new love and I am excited about that.

Just for the record here, I did not make any financial profit in re-homing her. She is being gifted to this friend, no currency was exchanged. That’s not what this is about. This is about paying it forward, as so many in the doll community have been so generous to me. Now I had the opportunity to do the right thing and also bring joy to another. That is what we do, we help each other. We support each other. We show kindness, generosity, acceptance, etc. This is who the doll community are made up of.

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