Larry’s Sideburns and Eyelashes Upgrade

This was a MAJOR upgrade! Well, the sideburns were anyway. I used the hair that I had gotten from the beauty supply store a while back, in which I also hand needle punched in Larry’s eyebrows last year. I still had a ton of it left, which was great, since this particular upgrade required a lot of hair! I feel that after about 23 hours (14 straight the first day, followed by 6 hours of sleep and then another 9 straight hours the next day until completion!) I most likely punched in hundreds, if not thousands of individual hairs! My body hated me afterward. My shoulders, back and legs ached from having to hunch over, with Larry’s head in my lap, as I worked on him. My legs hurt because I remained sitting for too long. Lesson learned. The only thing that didn’t hurt were my hands, which I am quite surprised, as they hurt pretty bad after doing his eyebrows. I will admit that it took a while for me to feel like I was making progress and I often felt like quitting and just gluing back on the sideburn wigs, but then I remembered that I was doing this for him and that it was going to make him happy, so that was what drove me to continue on. I also had lots of encouragement from Doc, Dorian and Lawrence, which helped.

I had been talking with a fellow doll lover and a good friend of mine over the past couple of weeks and the subject of magnetic eyelashes came up. When I replaced Samantha’s eyelashes months ago, I found that the regular lash glue would not hold. I was too fearful to try super glue, but then when the after market eyes and eyelids came in, I super glued both hers and Larry’s to those eyelids and used those for a while.

Well, I discovered that I just couldn’t get Larry’s eyelids in the right position for his usual, sexy and smoldering gaze. He looked bored, arrogant or perpetually stoned, which was not attractive in the least. I was constantly rearranging them and moving them about, but it just wasn’t working. The after market eyes, they work great! Just not the eyelids. So I went looking for magnetic eyelashes with the eyeliner adhesive. I found some at my local Ulta and bought a pair. Came home, followed the instructions and presto! Larry is back to his usual self. He looks more like himself and I don’t have this feeling like he is bored or judging me when he looks at me. Which is great because it was causing a lot of problems between us lately. So, there you have it: Larry got two wonderful upgrades this past week!

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