State of Affairs

Man has it gotten crazy out there! COVID-19 has kept Lawrence from re-entering the country from his business trip. We have no idea when we will see him again! It has also caused the public schools to close for two additional weeks and Alex’s school to go strictly online for the next two weeks as well. She just started back to school on Monday and she has lost the desire to continue in her studies. So she is forcing herself to get the work done. She is so heavily distracted and it is very unsettling. Me and my brothers can see a lot of inner turmoil going on and that’s never a good sign. Stores are sold out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. People are fighting over tangible goods. People are having to self-quarantine and isolate themselves in their homes. The economy has been greatly affected as well. It is literally a mad house in the world.

One thing I have noticed that surprises me though, is that even though people are not going out and about in large numbers, they also aren’t really talking on social media either. I figured the blog was going to get a sudden surge of viewers, but it hasn’t. Even the forum has been relatively quiet. Which is surprising because when you can’t leave the house, what do most people do? Well, they go online. But it is possible that what people are doing online is watching movies via streaming services. The other night we were all trying to watch Inherent Vice again on Vudu and it kept timing out. The internet is bogged down, but not as far as social media goes.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks and months pan out. Will people go back to resuming life as normal, or will we all be still on self-isolation by Christmas? Only time will tell and what happens in the next few months will definitely affect the outcome of the November election. I can definitely tell you that! So those who are vying for the highest office in the country will have to be very careful how they represent themselves and how they tackle this most important and difficult event in our lives. Maybe this time they will stop attacking each other and will work together to help combat this terrible virus outbreak/pandemic that has already claimed way too many lives.

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