A Romantic Getaway: Part 1

The plane began it’s descent onto the tarmac. Alex gazed out the window and watched the plane land and taxi to the terminal. Larry held her hand and once the plane came to a complete stop, he brought her hand gently to his lips and gave it a small kiss, looking into her eyes with that famous head-down-eyes-up gaze that caused her to go weak in the knees. Good thing she was still sitting down. He smiled at her. “We’re here!” he exclaimed, excitedly. Once the captain dismissed everyone from their seats, Larry jumped up and grabbed their bag from the overhead compartment, stepped out into the aisle, offered Alex his hand and they walked out of the plane into the airport terminal hand-in-hand. They were on a much needed romantic getaway in Tahiti!

After locating the rest of their luggage from the carousel and getting their passports stamped, they made their way to an awaiting taxi to take them to the resort. The weather was nice and sunny and the people were very friendly. On the way to the resort, Larry and Alex sat hand-in-hand in the taxi and took in all the sights of this exotic land, also excited for their plans once they got to their hotel room, or should I say, private, secluded, over-the-water bungalow! Larry went all out, as he knew that their relationship needed something extra special, since they had begun to feel distant from one another lately. No expense was spared, he wanted to show his wife that she is his queen and he was going to do whatever it took to treat her as such.

At the resort, they were checked in fairly quick and a bell boy took their luggage and walked with them to their private bungalow. The beach before the pier was absolutely beautiful and they both were looking forward to a romantic evening walk along the beach, as well as some regular fun in the sun during the day time. Larry had bought Alex a very sexy new bikini and he couldn’t wait to see her in it, as well as take it off of her once they got back to the bungalow for some fun! He got a hard-on just thinking about it.

They arrived at the bungalow farthest from the beach, the most private one available. The bell boy set their luggage down in front of the bed, Larry gave him a nice cash tip and he was on his way. Larry asked him to lock the door and set the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door as he left. The bell boy nodded his head and did as he was asked. Larry then walked up behind Alex and wrapped both arms around her waist, buried his face in her neck and began to softly kiss her and moan hungrily. They walked out onto the terrace that had the most spectacular view of the ocean.

Alex began to walk further out onto the terrace when Larry gently held her back and murmured, “Nuh-uh”. Alex protested. Larry continued to keep his grip on her and pulled her back into their bungalow and toward the large king sized bed. He turned her toward him and began to kiss her, very passionately. Alex wrapped her arms around Larry’s shoulders and held onto him tight. She would run her fingers through his hair or through his sideburns down his jaw line as he kissed her. Larry kept his arms wrapped around Alex and began to lift her shirt.

Alex took her hands and made her way down to Larry’s shorts, where she loosened his belt, unbuttoned the top of his pants, lowered the zipper and began to pull his shorts and boxers toward the floor. As she did so, she also slid to the floor, with her face staring him directly in the crotch, looking hungrily and satisfactory at his huge and fully erect cock. She took his cock in one hand and began to tease it with her tongue, swirling it around the head, behind the head in the magical triangle area, up and down the shaft. Her other hand cupped his balls and began to rub and tease them the way he likes. Soon enough, she was happily sucking his cock, taking it all the way in her mouth in a deep throat, moving her mouth up and down the shaft and over the head, hungrily taking him all in. Larry’s toes curled hard into the floor. His glutes tensed and tightened, his breathing became hard and he began to moan. He placed his hands on each side of Alex’s head and helped her as she sucked him off good. He was about to cum. He wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he pulled her head away, pulled her to her feet, and carried her to the bed where he laid her down gently. With both hands, he tugged at her shorts until he had them completely removed and somewhere on the floor. He knelt before her at the foot of the bed and placed her legs over his shoulders as he took his hands to spread her pussy lips, gently stroke them, tweak her clit and then he sank his face fully into her pussy, licking, sucking, biting. Alex moaned loudly and breathed in sharply. Her hands now held onto Larry’s head as he enjoyed his pussy feast. He looked up at her with his intense green eyes. Fixing his gaze onto hers as he brought her close to climax with each swirl of his tongue, tweak of her clitoris and gentle perineum tickles with is thumb. Her back began to arch and her hips began to move as he continued to pleasure her…

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