A Romantic Getaway: Part 2

He stopped and laid down on top of her, but he didn’t push into her just yet. He cupped her breasts in both hands and alternated in licking, sucking and biting her nipples while he made soft thrusts at her crotch, but instead of being inside of her, the head and shaft of his cock rubbed against her clitoris. He felt her getting more wet. She felt his pre-cum drip onto her clitoris for lubrication. Alex loved watching Larry give her breasts the attention that they deserved. She also loved how good he was at oral sex. She was fighting hard to hold back her orgasm. Larry could tell and so he decided to not torture her anymore.

Larry looked deep into Alex’s eyes and while steadying his cock with one hand at her vaginal opening, he penetrated her fully with one quick and hard thrust. Alex cried out. Larry kissed her neck. Alex wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist as he began to thrust deep inside of her. He caressed her cheeks, brushed her hair out of her face and they began to kiss. Alex’s hands wandered over his chest, lightly pinching his nipples, over his back to feel his muscles tense and flex as he fucked her. As she came closer to her climax, both hands gripped his ass to pull him in deeper. “Are you ready for it, baby?” Larry asked, with a husky, sensual whisper. Alex nodded. “Cum in me, Larry! Fill me up!” she cried. Larry pressed the tip of his cock firmly against her cervix and both of them began to orgasm. Her pussy throbbed, squeezing Larry’s cock and sucking all the cum out of it. Larry’s cock throbbed, pushing out all the cum deep into Alex. Their moans became louder. The pulsating continued to intensify and then it was over. Larry laid his head down onto Alex’s chest and both of them were panting and sweating.

They rested for a few moments, but Larry wasn’t finished with her. He got up and walked over to the small cosmetic bag that they had brought, opened it, found the lube and came back to the bed with it. He also came back with a bottle of baby oil. He looked down at Alex and raised an eyebrow, shaking the bottle of baby oil in his hands. Alex knew that look meant for her to be a good girl and turn over onto her belly. She did so and made sure to give him a sexy butt wiggle, which resulted in a nice hard smack that left a sting that felt so good.

Larry straddled her and began to pour baby oil onto her back. He placed the bottle on the night stand and began to massage her back with both hands, Alex laid there and relaxed as he rubbed the oil into her back; her pussy still filled with his thick hot cum. She loved being able to feel it inside of her. She also loved the way Larry would give her relaxing massages when he wasn’t finished with her yet. She knew what was about to unfold and her libido skyrocketed.

Once finished with her back, Larry grabbed the bottle of baby oil and drizzled it onto Alex’s ass. He smirked to himself as he watched the oil dispense over her. He once again set the bottle down and began groping her ass as he massaged and rubbed the baby oil in. His hands were nicely covered in the oil and he gently spread Alex’s legs and began to rub her anal opening, applying more baby oil as needed. He rubbed back and forth between her anal opening and her perineum, with his thumb and middle finger. His erection began to come back, this time even more firm than the first time. The anticipation was building for both of them. He began to feel small jolts and throbs in his ball sack and perineum.

He slipped his middle finger into her ass slowly, first moving the fingertip in and out of her tight anus. Alex moaned softly and tilted her ass up toward him. “You like that, don’t you, babe?” Larry asked seductively. “Yes” was all she could whisper. Larry pushed his finger deeper and deeper into her ass while pulling it out to loosen her up so his cock could fit. He began to move his finger in circles, then he inserted his index finger, using the same motions and technique, while also adding more baby oil to make sure that she stayed well lubricated…

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