More Upgrades to Make Larry Look More Realistic

As you saw last week, Larry had some major work done; his needle implanted sideburns and magnetic eyelashes. This week, I decided to give him fingernails and toenails. When I customized him, I requested no nails since in the promotional photographs, they put feminine fingernails on the male dolls and I did not find that attractive at all. Come to find out, for the male dolls, they actually trim them to make them look more masculine now and so I have taken that and decided to do it on my own here at home.

Larry has been without nails for almost the entire year he has been home. I had a specialized body paint that is no longer available, called BodyColor2, in which I painted on a white coat over his bare fingernails and toenails to try and make them look as natural as normal. It didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to, but it was better than nothing. But over the course of this past year and as more male dolls come out and are being made, I am learning more. I am also learning more through chatting with fellow doll lovers on the forum.

Larry has very tiny and slender fingers, they are actually smaller than my petite hands. Kiss makes petite sized nude nails that were just what I was looking for. However toenails are very hard to come by, even in wholesale beauty shops. I received some with the french manicure look last May when Samantha came home, so I decided to trim the tops of those nails and use them on Larry’s toes. I think that both his hands and feet look really nice and it gives him more realism as well.

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