Nasstoys All American Whopper 6.5" Curved Dong with Balls Toy Review

I purchased this dildo several years ago (I think 2013 ā€“ 2014), not necessarily because it was what I was looking for, but because I was very horny, on a budget and it is what the sex shop had in stock. This was not my very first dildo, but I had gotten rid of my prior ‘collection’ that I had started building up in 2000; years earlier. I miss my first collection! I had some really great cocks!

I also had never had a curved dildo before, so this was a completely new experience for me. I have only used this dildo a few times, as it is not what I expected. I have used it suction cupped to a hard surface, solo while lying in bed, attached to my fabric doll, Doc, via strap-on harness (it is o-ring harness compatible!) and my human husband has used it on me. It was difficult to reach an orgasm as not only did it take more time due to not adequately hitting the key areas with concentration and focus being difficult, but also that at times the curvature made play quite painful even with sufficient lubrication. I found myself becoming frustrated because of these components.

Nasstoys All American Whopper 6.5″ Curved Dong with Balls – Image Courtesy of

This dildo is 6.5 inches in length with 5.5 inches insert-able. It comes with a suction cup base, which is o-ring harness compatible. The width of the cock is 1.5 inches with the circumference being 4.75 inches. It has balls, which are quite nice, color is flesh tone and it is somewhat realistic in appearance. The material is PVC, but it is a very firm PVC. It felt more rubbery than a natural skin feeling.

While this dildo is not my cup of tea, that doesn’t mean that it won’t absolutely rock someone else’s world. I believe it is still a very good product made by a very good and reputable company (Nasstoys) and has the potential to be a great beginner toy both vaginally and anally.

I give this one a 4 out of 10. You can find this toy at pretty much any sex toy retailer, online retailer or visit for more details.

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