Blush Novelties: Loverboy: The War Hero Toy Review

Glory, glory, HALLELUJAH! What a dildo! Today I am reviewing another dildo from Blush Novelties’ Loverboy collection, called The War Hero. This ultra-realistic, large dildo is definitely divine and praise-worthy! A whopping 7.7 inches in length, 6.5 inches insert-able, 1 7/8th inches in width and an impressive 5 5/8 inches in circumference, this cock really fills you out! I mean I can literally feel EVERYTHING when it is inside me! This dildo is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastometer, a.k.a. Medical grade rubber) which also many life size adult sex dolls are made from. This dildo comes with an o-ring harness compatible suction cup base, a hefty and quite nice set of balls and a non-curved shaft. The head is nicely flared, the skin, while soft, it is a bit different from sex-doll TPE.

This dildo is not for the faint of heart and definitely not for beginners. It can be used for both anal and vaginal play (for the brave souls out there looking to literally stretch their limits) and it is HIGHLY recommended that you keep this dildo lubricated during play. I have had my most intense orgasms with this dildo that have left me a total puddle of mush afterward, legs shaking, heart pounding, hard breathing…you get the picture! I cannot sing enough praises for this dildo!

With that being said, there was a downside to the dildo that I received. TPE is an oil based, porous material. Like the sex dolls, you must keep it well oiled and powdered to keep the skin lubricated and soft. You do not want this bad boy drying out. However, even with adequate re-oiling and powdering after being adequately cleaned after each use, the TPE is still ‘dried out’ and is cracking along the suction cup base attachment at the base of the balls. I love to use this cock with Doc’s o-ring harness and so with this damage, I fear that one day the suction cup base is going to come off completely, rendering it no longer harness compatible. TPE sex dolls are made to order so they are less likely to dry out right away, but the TPE dildos and other sex toys are made, shipped and sit on a shelf for a period of time, thus increasing the risk of them drying out before you purchase them. Other than this minor setback, this is a GREAT dildo!

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