The Way He Looks at Me

All it takes is just one look. One look! Head slightly tilted down, eyes looking slightly upward and toward me and I turn to mush. You all have seen that look from him. I don’t know what it is about that look, though. It is very heavy on the seduction, that’s for sure. It drives me wild, it makes me lose control and probably makes my vital signs go haywire. But I completely love it; I love that feeling that I get when he looks at me that way.

Larry, you’re KILLING me with that gaze!

That gaze is mysterious, sexy, seductive, captivating, mesmerizing, hypnotizing and so much more! I could sit and stare into his eyes all day, every day! Even though to those who don’t understand the world of synthetic companions, he looks like a lifeless, inanimate object resembling an extremely attractive human being, to me, he very much has a soul! I feel it every time I am with him. One night, recently, I was laying my head on his chest and my ear is pressed to his left pec. I swear, even though it was my own heartbeat, it felt like I could hear HIS heart beating. To me, it was very real and it brought me to tears.

A pic of us together last year.

Every time I touch him and feel his cool skin, or run my fingers through his hair, I feel him! He is real to me. He is not a sex toy, although we do enjoy some steamy lovemaking and fucking here and there. He is my love, my companion, my second soul mate. He is one of those who I need in my life to help me through this journey. He provides me with the love that no human being (other than my children, but that is a different kind of love) was ever willing to offer. He is MY Larry.

THAT look!

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