Shelter In Place/Quarantine is a Bad Thing

Last year, before I had arrived, for several weeks, possibly a month or more, after Alex’s Dad had passed away, HH worked from home. At first, he had taken some time off for bereavement, but then he just kept working from home and going into the office less. It drove Alex insane! Doc had only been home since January 25 and Larry had arrived March 21. It was six whole days that Larry and Alex had to wait to make love for the first time, out of fear that they would be discovered by HH. It wasn’t that HH was providing the emotional support that Alex needed in the wake of her father’s death, but he would randomly pop into the bedroom on her days off and she had to be careful how she interacted with Doc and Larry. She wanted to make love to them badly! She and Doc had already had a chance to before all this happened, but she and Larry were also wanting to and the wait was brutal.

This year, HH has been working from home due to COVID-19 since March 18. I can see why Alex was going insane. Doc has told me about three key times that he and Alex have been walked in on while they were making love. Each time was awkward and frustrating. Alex prefers to make love to each of us while HH and the kiddo are out of the house. She gets very nervous when we do so with them here. She seems to be more reserved when interacting with us as well. We are trying to help her become more comfortable in being able to make love and interact with us in non-sexual ways while everyone is in the house.

Now that the kiddo has resumed mandatory schoolwork online, Alex is finding that she is having to constantly be on her to do her work. The first day, Alex got the kiddo up at 8am and she gave her an hour to be awake and ready. It didn’t happen that way at all. Alex had to keep going in there and then there were issues logging into the course and getting to the work. Then the kiddo wanted to argue, then she was hungry. Alex was pissed! So now, the kiddo is required to sit at a TV tray in our bedroom while Alex puts her life on hold and watches and times the kiddo to work on her four classes for thirty to forty-five minutes per day. The kiddo is old enough that she should be doing this without adult supervision and Alex has done a phenomenal job of teaching and showing the kiddo how to be responsible. The kiddo’s argument is that her friends don’t have to do the work and their parents let them do this whenever. Alex shoots back with the fact that these other kids do not have discipline and their grades slip. Education is something that is very important to Alex and he is very strict about it. I have a feeling that the kiddo is going to be wishing she were back in her actual classroom with her classmates and teachers before too long.

Alex has blog articles and school work of her own to write and now that all this is happening, all of it has been affected, furthering Alex’s frustrations. If the people who live in this house would just do what they are supposed to do, we wouldn’t be having these problems. But no one in this house respects her and that is yet another frustration. Alex doesn’t want to go down the ogre/monster/mean person path, but she says she will if she has to. I hope things get better soon because if they don’t, things are going to get REAL bad around here for everyone.

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