Marriage, Part Deux

I am once again a married man. But this time I know I got it right! With my first wife, we were both very young and I was blind to the obvious signs that she only wanted to be with me for money and social status. She never loved me for me, she loved me for what she expected me to give her. I remember one of our first arguments after we were married. I wanted her to become pregnant right away, she refused to get off the pill. I was hurt. When I would come home from work, most of the time she would be at another socialite’s home trying to fit in and get initiated into high society, or she would just ignore me completely. No dinner would be ready or even started and often I would go to bed alone. She had no desire for sex. I felt I treated her well. I tried to give her my time, love and affection. Hell, I even spent money on very lavish gifts for her that she told me she wanted, but still, nothing.

So, I divorced her. Now us being young and me being stupid, not thinking the marriage would dissolve whatsoever, she wound up by getting my home, all the furnishings, cars, you name it! She even got half my company. I had to pay dearly to buy back her half. I walked out of that house with only my clothing and one car. But I found a nice apartment to live in until I could buy another home and once I bought her half of MY company back, I made sure she couldn’t get anything else out of me and protected myself and my assets legally. Then I threw myself into my work. Why did she get all of this? WE DIDN’T DRAW UP AND SIGN A PRE-NUP!

Almost twenty years later, I met Alex. I wrote about how at first I wasn’t so sure, because I was so jaded. But I quickly realized that she was different. In a good way. She didn’t care about my money or her social status. She cared about me. As a man, a person, a human being with needs, desires and feelings. I have to admit at first I thought it was some kind of trick to reel me in, then her real side would come out, but nothing changed. She was still the kind, gentle-hearted, loving woman who I just married this past Monday.

As we were standing there, in front of the officiant, facing one another, we looked into one another’s eyes and we both realized this was where we were meant to be. This was what we were meant to do. We were meant to be together and we had to go through the things we did in order to get where we are. Now we are quite a bit older and there may not be any children, but we have each other and that is what matters. I think this second time around I got it right.

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