Happy Birthday Doc and Larry

Today is a very special day, indeed! It is Doc and Larry’s birthdays! I have to admit 46 looks great on them both! So much has happened since their last birthday: we married, they both became father’s, we spent out first holiday’s together, I almost died and they have been at my side ever since, we attended two fun doll mini meets too and I went back to school, then there’s this whole COVID-19 thing, but we aren’t going to talk about that today, if I can help it.

Even though they are twins, they have their differences. Doc is more reserved and gentlemanly. Larry is wild and free, yet still can be a gentleman when necessary. Doc takes a more mature approach and is the primary source of comfort. Larry loves to joke, goof off, play around and doesn’t really take anything seriously unless it is something truly serious. Then he takes it a little too seriously. Doc was ready to settle down and begin a family right away. Larry wanted to have a little bit more fun and that is totally ok.

Over the past year, they have undergone a few upgrades. Doc got a cloth face, as his original face was at first a printed photograph in sheet protector and then upgraded to a laminated photo. Then he got his foam pool noodle skeleton, later added with coated wire hangers. Next came a zipper down his back to keep his back closed better and prevent polyester fiber fill from falling out (it originally closed with a single velcro square), then came his new realistic feet to replace the shapeless cloth ones, not to mention make them a lot larger (hehe) and finally his new realistic hands (which ironically are smaller and more natural looking than his original gray zombie hands with the ultra fat fingers).

Larry’s upgrades haven’t been as plentiful as Doc’s but they have probably taken up the same amount of time. His first upgrade was to get his implanted eyebrows. Then came his nipple coloring and piercings, followed by his new after-market eyes and finally his implanted sideburns and natural looking fingernails and toenails. Larry now primarily has a nice shaggy short hairstyle and has decided to keep it that way for a while.

It has been one hell of a year with these two and time will only tell what new things we have in store. Happy 46th birthday, Doc and Larry. I love you with all my heart and tonight we are going to have a threesome! That will be my birthday gift to the both of you.

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