The Brutal Wait: Part 1

For those who have already been through the process, you know exactly what I am talking about: that excruciating, brutal, agonizing wait for your doll from the time you order him or her, till they arrive at your home. You have searched every website, looked over hundreds of different dolls till your head starts spinning and then you find “the one.” Some have the funds ready right away, others have to wait a while. Some have the room or hiding space already and others have to plan and strategize. But now you are at the point where you communicate back and forth with a chosen vendor/website and you finalize the transaction.

Before COVID-19, the wait wasn’t too bad with most manufacturers. It could range from a week to maybe six weeks tops with the Chinese manufacturers. Abyss/Real Doll still has a several month long to a year wait time and Sinthetics’ wait time is far longer. But let me state that Abyss and Sinthetics have the most realistic dolls on the market. When I ordered Larry last March (2019), it took only two weeks. But now, doll lovers are facing longer wait times. Why? Well that is what I am about to discuss.

COVID-19 originated in China as early as November 2019 according to reports. Things continued to get worse and worse and by Chinese New Year, well, we all know what happened. Aside from that, vendors have amazing deals and sales going on that start around Black Friday and run through Valentine’s Day. Then they have their spring and summer sales. So, order and production volume begins to increase around the holiday season. Then when Chinese New Year comes around, the factories shut down for about two weeks before resuming regular production. That causes them to get backlogged for a little while, while orders still come in during the shut down from vendors and websites.

This year, however, COVID-19 caused an extended shut down period in these factories anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month. Then slowly they began to reopen. However, they are not at full capacity when it comes to their workers because everyone is trying to “flatten the curve” and limit an even more widespread of the disease which is still overwhelming medical facilities across the world! The factories are short staffed. Vendors are having to work remotely and are also short staffed. All while orders keep pouring in, kind of like when Mickey Mouse used the sorcerer’s powers to magically make the broom do his work for him and then he hacked it up and then a whole army of brooms began filling this stone cauldron with water and it flooded…(In case you are wondering where I got that reference, see the Disney movie Fantasia).

Vendors and manufacturers are overwhelmed right now. They are working as hard as they can, within the government regulations, to still bring quality dolls to their awaiting and rapidly growing impatient customers. Customers are angrily calling in and e mailing wanting to know what the delay is. People, things are not going to be the same for a while! You are not being scammed! Your dolls are not lost in translation! The doll industry is just severely backlogged and are trying to catch up! COVID-19 literally stopped the entire world here! You WILL get your doll, you just have to wait!

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