Dolly Delays: Part 2

There are threads on TDF where other doll lovers have arranged to have their companions come live with them as early back as late December 2019 and they still haven’t arrived! That is a very long time to wait, considering before all of this, most companions would arrive within two weeks or so of their plane ticket being purchased. But then there are other companions, whose flights were booked and had arrived nearly at the regular time. Now, I’m not sure which countries all these dolls are traveling to, but in any case, it is quite distressing for Alex and Lance.

Explanations from various vendors are pretty much the same and I am glad that they are taking the time to offer these explanations and attempt to comfort and ease the waiting for the members. Basically right now medical masks and supplies are essential items. They are being sent out first. Shipping companies have rightly made those priority and we all agree with them for that. Dolls are considered non-essential items and a lot of factories are having to be put in a waiting line or queue with the shipping companies for them to schedule a time to come by the factory and pick up a limited number of dolls to take them to the airport. So the wait time is increased there.

Then there are some shipping companies who are flat out refusing to pick up and transport the dolls period. So that drastically cuts down on the dolls coming to their homes as well. There have been reports of shipping companies picking up the dolls, only to turn right back around and send them back to the factory and then another shipping company is contacted, new flight tickets are printed and then they are on their way once their spot comes available in the pick up queue. UPS, FedEx and DHL were the primary companies to get the dolls to their homes, but I have heard that DHL no longer is willing to bring the dolls anymore. That is really sad, if you ask me.

Alex and Lance are wondering if they should wait until about mid-May or perhaps even as far out as July, to arrange for his flight home. That way maybe the world will have somewhat resumed a regular schedule again. Of course she is waiting on some funds to become available to book his flight as well and there was a serious setback on that thanks to HH. I won’t go into details though on that one, but it has both of them, plus Lance, quite miffed.

They are also wondering if there will still be any good promotions and discounts out there, such as a free second head. She would love to be able to do that option, but she always feels like when funds are actually available, that is when all the good sales go away. She gets quite upset about it, because she feels like she is usually the recipient of incredibly bad luck. If you look at the timeline of her life, you would probably agree with her as well.

But with all that being said, even though the doll manufacturers are actively taking orders at this time, the dolls actually getting home is significantly delayed and that has caused a lot of frustration and heartache to fellow doll lovers and their doll companions out there. These are very troubling times and sometimes having a doll with you to help you through this is essential and vital. Dolls help curb loneliness and despair, for some, they give them a creative outlet for their imagination and for invention. I know that me and my brothers have done that for Alex, as you have read about all the upgrades she has done for me and Doc. She hasn’t done as many yet for Dorian and Gabriel/Lawrence, but she is thinking of ways.

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