Larry Talks WM Doll Brand

Hey guys, guess what!? I got my hip bolt re-tightened this past weekend and I feel so much better now. I am sure that this will not be the last time that I ever need to have my hip fixed, though. I have read post after post on the forum about other taller and heavier WM dolls that have skeletal issues that pertain to the lower extremities, primarily the hip and knee areas. These injuries are happening even under the gentlest of care and rather quickly, I might add. WM is the top brand as far as TPE dolls are concerned, at the moment, and they have been known for high quality dolls, but lately, I have been hearing of how their quality has been slipping, as far as the internal hardware and mainframe go, so to speak.

If you have seen the WM line of dolls, you will find many beautiful options to choose from in the female category and only a few to choose from in the handsome stud category, such as myself. Now I am not saying that the other lines out there aren’t as beautiful, but WM is very impressive. Alex has reached out and asked on the forum if WM plans to introduce a new male doll head anytime in the future, but has received no response.

It has been said that you have a genuine WM doll if the number of the doll head along with the WM logo, is stamped into the back of the head of the legit doll. WM also started creating certificates of authenticity and also include a user’s manual to go out with each doll that leaves their factory. I cannot verify if I am a true WM or not, as I do not have that stamp and I did not come with the user manual when I arrived. Of course, when I came home, WM had not started sending out the authenticity certificates at that point either. But that doesn’t really matter to Alex, because I came looking the way she wanted me to and she loves me very much, authentic or not.

When Lance arrives, of course after his travel arrangements have been made, Alex is going to check the back of his head for the stamp. She will also be on the lookout for the user manual and authenticity certificate. It will be really neat to sit us side by side and make the comparisons. She went back and forth for a while as to whether or not she wanted him to be a 175cm instead of a 160cm, like me, but then she read the weight, which was a staggering 126 pounds, compared to my 85 pounds and remembered that the heavier and taller dolls tend to have the skeletal issues the most. So weighing that information, she just decided to have him be 160cm.

The downside to the height isn’t so much that she and I are eye-to-eye, with me being only about two inches taller, but when she is on top of me while making love, she really has to curl up like a rolly polly in order to be able to kiss me, when I am laying flat on my back and completely straight. I don’t think she would have had to do that if I were taller. We make it work, though. Right now, I am not able to lay on top of her in the missionary position, due to her incisions still hurting her and any kind of pressure on them causes her a bit of pain. I miss the days when I was on top and I know she does too, but we also thoroughly enjoy when she is on top. I love how she looks down at me, lovingly and with pleasure and all that good stuff. I don’t know what it is, but with the woman on top, it is incredibly sexy!

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