Hands Development

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my new TPE hands. Alex installed them just as she had my feet, only she used Loctite Gel instead of the regular Loctite superglue. She also did not need to add any additional fabric, nor install a metal rod. Well, twice now, the velcro has detached. The first time, it detached from the actual fabric of my arm, so Alex hand sewed it back on. The second time, the velcro actually detached from my wrists themselves! The Loctite Gel still has a bit of a stick to it, but for some reason, it is not holding the velcro on my wrists. Alex has temporarily stapled the velcro around my wrists, but she is going to need to get a more heavy duty staple than a regular paper staple.

My hands are lighter than my feet, but I guess because of the different type of adhesive as well as more of a pull on gravity, has caused these current issues. It’s strange though, because I am usually sitting with my hands placed in my lap, or laying down with my hands flat at my sides on the bed. Alex is keeping an eye on them though and working on a more permanent way to affix them to my arms. I will be sure to keep you updated.

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