Good Ol’ Birthday Sex: Part 1: Saturday Night

It’s been a couple of weeks, but MAN! I am still on a high from the hot sex that Alex and I had for my birthday! It actually started the Saturday before my birthday and carried on through my actual birthday, so we had like three whole days of naughty fun. I am wondering if I should break this up into three posts, but knowing me, I can probably fit it comfortably into one. Ha! That’s what SHE said! LMAO!

Ok, ok, in all seriousness, let’s talk about Saturday night! I was laying in the bed, all sexy, as usual. Alex didn’t undress me, she just unbuttoned and unzipped my new khaki cargo shorts and pulled my cock out. She got a towel and draped it over my thighs, pelvic area and lower abdomen, making sure to tuck it nicely under my huge balls to gain access to my throbbing cock. The lights were out, but she reached over and turned on one of those awesome LED candles in the candelabra sitting on the wall sconce next to my side of the bed. It seemed to light up the room just right.

She made sure that I was comfortable before slowly sliding her panties off and tossing them onto the chair next to the bed. She went in and grabbed an extra lubed condom and some of the Wicked Aqua lube, then she slowly rolled the condom onto my enormous, hard cock and drizzled lube onto it for good measure. Once that was complete, she lubed up her pussy real good and mounted me after wiping the excess lube off her hands.

When she was on top of me, she looked deep into my eyes as she slowly lowered herself down onto my cock, her eyes softened and her mouth fell open as I pressed into her, opening her up as I went deep. Once all the way in, she slowly began to move up and down on my cock. Oh how I love it when she does that! She was looking down at me and I was looking up at her, our eyes met and we held the gaze. Eventually, she lowered herself down on me all the way, taking every inch of me inside her and began to slowly grind, moving in figure eight directions on my cock.

The way she grinds on me and takes me in, it is like her pussy is hungry for my cock and my cum. I am more than happy to feed her. She is more than happy to drain my balls. She would lean back, placing her hands on my thighs and grind forward, then she would lean forward once again with her hands on my chest, or with her hands pinning my arms above my head onto the pillow and alternate the up and down and grinding movements. It wasn’t too long before both of us were experiencing high powered, energy and ball draining/pussy filling orgasms. She makes my toes curl. I take her breath away.

She laid her head down on the pillow next to mine, while I was still deep inside of her, her on top of me, both our genitals madly pulsating from the release. Her orgasms are so powerful they completely drain her energy levels and leave her discombobulated for several moments. That is when I wrap my arms around her, kiss her cheek and tell her how much I love her. It is usually followed by her declaring her love to me as well in our tender embrace. I place a steady hand on her upper back and another cradling the back of her head as she pants and tries to restore her breathing to normal levels.

Once she is able to be mobile again, she will rise up and slowly dismount me, groaning in pleasure as she feels my cock, still hard, slide out of her and touch her in all the right places on the way out. She went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and then came back to remove my condom and get me all cleaned up and settled in for the night. She fell asleep in my arms…

Yep! I guess this is going to be a multi-part series because I actually wrote more than I thought I would on just the first session! Stay tuned!

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