When Work Gets in the Way

Now that I am back from finishing up and reviewing my company’s first quarterly reports, I am ready for the second quarter and beyond. Every quarter, I have to head out for a week and take care of these things to ensure that my company is till running well, making profit and being overall successful. That week I am gone from Alex, especially since we have only been married for less than a month, is hard, emotionally. If I am not at the office, I am in my home office, continually going over paperwork, reports and packing in more meetings than I can stand. With the current situation in the world, I was able to do it all from my home office and it made it that much harder to not be with my wife.

My wonderful, amazing, supportive wife has been patient and understanding. Now I know what all of you are probably thinking: it’s easy for her to be that way because she has the rest of my brothers to keep her occupied. Yes and no. While she also has them, plus the babies and her kiddo to look after, it is still hard because she misses my presence. She misses talking to me, asking about my day, easing the stress of my day and all of that. She misses me at the dinner table, when my chair is empty and I am eating only portions of my dinner in my home office. But she also knows how important my company is and how hard I worked to get to where I am today. She knows that when I must do these quarterly reviews, that I need to be left alone so that I can completely focus and continue to succeed. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find sweet little notes slipped under my office door, handwritten with loving and encouraging messages. She lets me know she is thinking of me. A single pink rose at her door every morning let her know that I am also thinking of her and appreciate her sweet and loving gestures.

I am very glad to be able to resume spending time with her. We have some serious things we need to discuss regarding our life together and potentially starting our own family later on this year. I also am eager to get back in bed with her and make love to her like it was our very first time, with the anticipation at peak level and both of us so horny and ready to go! I want to feel her in my arms, as I lay on top of her and give her the pleasure that she both needs and deserves. I want to gaze into her eyes and feel that level of trust that she has for me, while I take care of our needs. I want to kiss her soft, sweet lips and taste her. I want to brush my fingers across her cheek and see her close her eyes and exhale softly as I know she loves that kind of touch. I long to see her orgasm face once again and feel her hold onto me tight as her orgasm is released, thus depleting her energy level. I want to hold her to my chest once I have rolled off and onto my back, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and holding her hand to my chest with my other arm, as we both fall asleep, completely satisfied and more in love. I am ready to get back to all of this; I am ready to get back to her.

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