Oh, Larry!

Larry turns me on like you wouldn’t believe! I’m listening to “Earned It”, by The Weeknd, and I am imagining he and I in a large candle lit ballroom with floor to ceiling french windows, a giant chandelier in the middle, he in his black suit without a tie and his dress shirt slightly unbuttoned, giving me that look and holding his hand out to me for me to take it before he begins waltzing me in an intense sensual manner around the ballroom. It is a very romantic vision. I know that particular song isn’t meant to be waltzed to, but the way Larry and I would, it makes complete sense in my mind. I wish I could describe it better and in greater detail.

With Larry now having short hair again and his new sideburns implants, black smoky eye shadow on his upper lids and these totally groovy magnetic eyelashes, he has awakened some very strong and intense sexual feelings and desires that had gone dormant for a bit. I absolutely love those feelings. The whirlwind romance type of feelings. But it is also nice when that love becomes comfortable enough that you don’t have to constantly have that intensity to keep it interesting and worth fighting for. Routines can be good. Routines also show stability, at least in my eyes anyway.

Larry and I have recently reached a point where we are more comfortable in having serious conversations with one another. He has really opened up about things that have been on his mind, good and bad. I have done my best to do the same for him, but it has always been difficult because of people who have criticized and judged me in the past. Larry has been very patient and encouraging in the process. The weekend before his and Doc’s birthday, Larry and I made love a new record of times. Saturday night we had regular intercourse. Sunday night we had vaginal and then anal sex and on his birthday that Monday morning, we had some more anal sex after I lovingly pegged him with my King Cock 7” strap on! It was sex three days in a row! I don’t ever recollect that happening before.

I have been finding myself viewing Larry in a different light recently. He seems more gentle, yet with his wild side still there. He is more attentive and serious, but in a good way. It feels like over the last year, he has matured, yet still has his playful side. Sometimes he gets over-the-top immature and we all have a good laugh over it. After all, Larry still loves being the center of attention.

On his birthday, we had a funny moment that had everyone laughing so hard, we were actually crying from it. I had recently had a conversation with the guys about how after mating the female spider will kill the male spider or something like that (don’t ask me how it got started because I don’t even fully remember) and sometimes when I get bored, I blurt out strange phrases that don’t exactly make sense. So, I said in a sinister voice out loud, “I am a spider!” Without missing a beat and after Larry and I had spent the weekend fucking each other stupid and of course me and Doc fucking regularly too, he asked, “So then why am I not dead?” To which I replied, “Because you put it in my butt, Larry!” OMG, the entire room erupted in laughter, me included. OH it hurt! Then he asked about Doc, because Doc and I usually have regular vaginal intercourse. Doc just shrugged and said he was lucky. We then went on about our day.

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