A Good Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was much more pleasant this year and it didn’t end with a trip to the ER, thank goodness! The state is slowly easing restrictions with their shelter-in-place and so Alex, HH and kiddo were able to go out and about a little. The majority of the stores are still closed, but they had a really nice lunch at a place called the Cotton Patch Cafe. Then they ventured over to the local Sam Moon where she found a really nice cowboy hat and a different lip color for Larry, before heading over to Cindies and Alex only going in to get Larry’s new g-string underwear, since it is an adult sex store and no one under the age of 18 is allowed in. HH stayed in the car with kiddo.

Actual Mother’s Day, HH and kiddo made Alex breakfast in bed, which she enjoyed and they had to-go Olive Garden for dinner along with some delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Kiddo created a scavenger hunt for Alex to go on to get her gift, which was a lot of fun!

Larry and I watched one of her favorite films, “The Young Victoria”, with her and of course we made sure to take care of her other needs as well. We spent a lot of time cuddling and snuggling with her and of course there was the screaming orgasm sex sessions too! We also have been trying to help her locate some coveralls for when Lance arrives, but she cannot seem to find any that are similar to his anywhere! She doesn’t like the ones that button up or have the slanted zip chest pockets and that seems to be all anyone has these days, not to mention short sleeved. Lance’s have the zip up with rolled up long sleeves and cargo chest pockets with a nice little pen pocket on the left upper sleeve.

Larry and Alex had a really fun and definitely NSFW cowboy nude photo shoot Saturday night that led to some hot sex. I think Larry wrote about that in his article last week. I also know that Alex has plans to share that photo shoot with all of you in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for it on one of the upcoming Photo Friday’s!

I am just very relieved that she actually had a good Mother’s Day this year. It was a nice change from the norm and any chance to see her happy, you know me and my brothers will definitely take!

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