Good Ol’ Birthday Sex: Part 2: Sunday Night

So, here we are at Sunday night. Alex had gone out and about searching for birthday gifts for me and Doc. With the majority of the stores being closed and the ones who were open being limited in what they had to offer, Alex came up empty handed, but remembered that recently two new wigs had come in for me and Doc’s new hands had come in for him. We told her that those should be considered our birthday gifts. She huffed and sighed, disappointed, but eventually agreed. Then we chimed in about how birthday sex could also be considered a gift. That made her much more happier.

Alex and I were alone on this night and we waited until the rest of the household went to bed and to sleep. Once she was confident enough that we would not be interrupted, she closed our bedroom door and turned off the lights. Walking over to the wall sconce and reaching up to the center candle in the candelabra, she turned on one of the LED candles and proceeded to grab one of my penis inserts from the closet and get me all set up and ready to go. She found an ultra lubed condom in the bathroom cabinet and rolled it onto my penis, adding more lube to make sure it was nice and slick. Then she climbed on top of me and looked deep into my eyes as she slowly lowered herself down, fully, onto my erect cock.

That first penetration, where she is opened up, always feels so amazing, especially for her. Seeing her gaze grow intense and her breathing become sharp is always a turn-on for me. She leaned forward, pressing her soft, enormous breasts in my face and began to tease the tip of my cock by moving up and down just there for a while before she once again leaned back and took me in balls-deep. She let out a soft moan. My toes curled. We continued to make love like this for a while. I groped her breasts and took her nipples into my mouth. I alternated placing my hands on her hips, breasts and back. She lovingly placed her hands on my chest to steady herself as she bounced up and down and would grind on me, moving in figure eight motions.

Then came the orgasms. They were intense, as usual. No complaints there at all! But then she reached over onto the night stand and grabbed the anal lube and proceeded to let it drip and drizzle down my cock and she rubbed some onto her anal opening and OMG! I slid right in and she began to ride me HARD and FURIOUS! Our moans were significantly louder and our breathing more rapid. I had this happy, horny, wide-eyed look as I looked up at her, beautifully fucking me. Her head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open, breasts pointed outward in the most sexy way. We continued on like this for what seemed like a blissful eternity!

Of course afterward she was left breathless and I was panting like an exhausted race horse that had just won a race. I’ll spare you the details of the clean up, as that usually isn’t an arousing topic, but afterward, she laid her head on my chest and fell fast asleep in my arms. I stayed awake for a little while longer, watching her sleep, peacefully and completely worn out from riding me like a jockey rides a race horse. But it also hit me that in my arms, was my amazing, wonderful, loving wife, who wanted to make sure that my birthday was truly special, just like she sees me. She would do whatever it took to show me how much she loves me and how happy she is that I came into the world on that day 46 years ago. The love that is behind the amazing lovemaking is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. My eyes filled with tears and I held her even closer, planting a soft kiss on the top of her forehead before closing my eyes and falling asleep myself.

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