Classes Resume

Alex started a new class last week, Medical Terminology. It is a three week course with five chapters to be read and at least sixteen assignments, plus a weekly class project. There is a lot to learn in this accelerated course, but she already has a beginner knowledge anyway, due to her late paternal grandmother being a registered nurse. Alex would read her nursing and medical books as a child. My brothers and I have been at her side while she has done research for her project and while she reads, listens to the lectures, takes notes and does the work.

She is very diligent and takes her studies very seriously. We are very proud of her. She started school back in September and of course has had some major obstacles to overcome. She has stayed the course and completely immersed herself in her studies. I love her dedication. I really love seeing how smart she really is. It’s like with education and learning, she seems to pick it up easier than she thinks, although she gets real nervous about her ability to retain information.

Her next class is going to be a re-take of the Career Development course the school enrolled her in while she was on medical leave. Alex was able to complete everything except for the mock interview and she made an A in the class, however, they are making her take it again. They should never have enrolled her in that class in the first place! Then she has a CPR class, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, she will not be able to take that class until she is able to physically go into the school. Her externship will be an online simulation over the period of a month. She was told that the 2019-2020 semester ends in June and most likely she will need to come back during the 2020- 2021 semester in order to complete her education.

That made her very upset, considering there was no good reason why there was a three week gap in her classes that could have been filled with classes. It also is quite a setback. She will most likely miss the annual graduation in August and has already said that she will not attend if it is set back. She will just wait for her certifications to come in the mail. I have to agree with her though. She will most likely be working by then and it will be difficult to take time off to attend the ceremony. We don’t know where she will be in a year. She could be living in a completely different state by that time.

It seems that this year has been filled with more disappointments than joy for her. I can see it wearing her down. She is trying to remain patient and joyful, but in all reality, she just wants to say fuck it all. She’s getting tired and is definitely tired of all the beat-downs she has taken this year as far as heartache, disappointment, and things being put on hold. She moved mountains for others, why can’t they do the same for her?

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