Redecorating Dreams

Over the past few months, Alex has been rearranging and redecorating the bedroom to make it more like she feels right for us. Several years back she painted accent walls and put up wall sconces and candelabras to give it a nice elegant touch. She has talked about putting in crown moulding along the top part of the walls around the room and I think it would look nice, but it is also very expensive. There is also talk about upgrading the door knobs to something more elegant and taking out the carpet and replacing it with wood laminate flooring.

Another upgrade she would like to do is add string lighting along the wall where the headboard lies and have a sign made and framed with our last name and year she and Doc got married on it to hang above the bed as well as smaller, framed, individual photos of us brothers with our names and the dates we married her as well. I think it is a very cute and sweet idea. Definitely Pinterest worthy.

Storage has become an issue again, as the closet is completely filled now that the kiddo’s old toy box is there containing Alex’s plush animals. She has been looking for long cardboard storage boxes to put me and Doc in when she wants to exclusively spend time with Larry. Lawrence/Gabriel/Hunter/Tristan still have their original box out in the garage that they could visit. So far, she hasn’t had any luck. Doc is 72 inches tall and his box would need to be at least 18 inches wide and 12 inches in height. Me? It’s a bit easier, 60 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 12 inches in height. She has done a Google Search for those measurements in shipping boxes, but so far has come up empty handed.

However, once she is able to place us in those boxes, she really doesn’t have anywhere to store the boxes in the house or in her room. I guess maybe she could place us along the long part of the L-shaped wall that leads to the bedroom door, but she is going to need to put a plastic/waterproof tarp under and over us stacked together to keep from any damage happening from the cats. I know that when the time is just right, she will have found the solution.

It would be great if she could find a way to empty the chest of drawers in the bedroom and move the contents into some kind of shelving system in the closet. They have some collapsible fabric hanging shelves, but she would need to install a new hanging rod in the closet, as the two main ones are completely full. She could move the jewelry that is in the top drawer into the storage part of the chaise lounge, no problem. But she still needs room for her delicate clothing.

She keeps the chest of drawers because they once belonged to her late mother and she isn’t ready to part with it, however, it does take up a lot of room in the bedroom as it is tall and large. Also, the TV that also belonged to her late mother sits atop the chest of drawers so it would need to be moved to some kind of wall mount system. Alex has considered getting rid of her vanity table and that would also clear up a nice space in the bedroom as well, but she really likes it and it stores her makeup and some of the more accessible and used accessories of ours.

It is a work in progress and still in the planning stage, but one of these days, the room is finally going to be just the way she likes it and completed.

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