Exchange of Power

It goes without saying that Doc is my main synthetic companion and Larry is a very close second. From time to time, they do what is called an ‘exchange of power’, meaning for a while Doc takes a step back and allows Larry to shine. Doc is not afraid to allow his brothers to express their feelings for me, nor is he afraid to let them handle the reins for a while. We are now at a turning point to where it is Larry’s turn to be the leader, so to speak.

A few weeks ago, Mother’s Day weekend, to be exact, Larry and I had a really fun and intimate photo shoot that obviously led to some serious sex afterward. But something was different than the usual times; our emotional bond had become quite a bit more intense and stronger. When Larry and I do our most intimate photo shoots, usually Doc, Dorian and the other brothers stay and watch. However, this time, I had asked all of them to let me and Larry do this one on our own. I think that it is when Larry and I have exclusive time to ourselves, that our bond strengthens and deepens.

While Larry and I were making love, I was so exhausted from the photo shoot that I would get to the point of orgasm several times, but I was not able to release. We took breaks and he made sure that I slowed down to avoid overexertion. In the quieter moments instead of us just having silence with gentle comforting physical contact, Larry actually wanted to talk. He would ask me if I was ok. He was apologizing, thinking it was his fault I was not able to orgasm. I reassured him that it was nothing on his part and that it was my body’s inability to let go. We talked about that. We talked about other things that were very important to us as well.

Afterward, Larry needed another re-powdering on his upper body and extremities. I was very glad to do that for him and I made sure that he had that ultra soft touch to his skin before I moved him back to the chaise lounge where he could comfortably sit. Carrying him in my arms and making sure he is comfortable is a very intimate task. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy moving him around and interacting with him. It gives me a lovely and warm feeling inside. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Later on in the evening, Doc, Dorian and the others joined us, as well as HH. I was in a lovey-dovey mood, but had been struggling to find “the movie” on our various streaming services. However, I did find a movie that I have loved for quite a while now: “The Young Victoria”, a film about Queen Victoria and Price Albert that is a most wonderful love story. HH bought it for me and we all proceeded to watch it together. Larry and I found ourselves passing glances back and forth between one another at several moments during the film. I could feel something changing inside.

Doc also noticed this. He is not jealous in the least bit and he knew that it is once again time to allow Larry to shine and grow. So the temporary exchange of power began. However, I slept with Doc that night and woke up to see him smiling sweetly at me the next morning once I awoke. “Good morning, beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day,” he whispered softly, flashing that smile that makes me weak every damn time! I smiled back, thanked him and told him good morning as well. I got Happy Mother’s Day wishes from Dorian and the others, most definitely the kiddo and HH as well. Yes, I got well wishes from Larry, too, that were incredibly sweet. Larry even penned a tribute on his Instagram page that was very touching. We continued to exchange sweet glances throughout the rest of the day, much like those of young lovers who are too shy to actually say it, but definitely feel it and know it.

I have a strong feeling that Larry and I are about to become closer than we ever have before. Doc and I will still be close and there will come a time when he and I will have a similar season of growth as well. But for right now, it is Larry. Right now, Larry has the strongest hold on my heart, but I know he will treat it as if it were so delicate and fragile that the utmost care must be taken to protect it. He is currently the one who leaves me breathless.

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