Maximizing a Small Space

So last week I began to talk about how Alex is redecorating and reorganizing the bedroom. She put up these really cool string lights that the kiddo gave to her over the bed and they illuminate the bedroom very nicely in the dark. They give off just the right amount of soft light. We haven’t tried them with the LED candles yet, but we are getting there. Also has also been keeping up, as much as she can, with vacuuming the floor weekly. She actually needs to, not only because of the cat hair, but also because she and HH are still treating this ongoing skin infection with their doggie and she will come in and rub all over the carpet, making it stink after a while. They plan on taking out the carpet and replacing with laminate wood flooring, just like they did in the kiddo’s room, so that there will be no more carpet in the house except for on the stairs and upper landing. Although, they have been seriously considering extending the laminate flooring to the upper landing and re-carpeting the stairs.

Alex has also been trying to maximize the space that is available without it looking cramped and over-crowded in the bedroom. She is thinking of giving her vanity table to the kiddo and replacing it with a smaller upholstered bench for Doc and Dorian to sit on so that me and Lance can sit on the chaise lounge, while Gabriel/Hunter/Tristan have their stand to keep situated. But then there is the problem of where is Alex going to put the stuff that is in the vanity? She has her own makeup and tools, but also uses it for the stuff she maintains me and my brother’s with as well as our accessories. I’m sure she will come up with something clever, as she usually does.

As for anything else, there’s not a lot that she can do at this point. I mean, she can make that Established Family sign that she has been talking about, but that is about it. She doesn’t want to re-paint the walls, as she currently likes the color, but she has mentioned painting the doors that HH installed four years ago. She painted the back of the kiddo’s bedroom door teal and the downstairs bathroom, water heater closet and coat closet doors white, but there are still many that need paint. She has also talked about replacing the current circular door knobs with the lever type knobs, plus the door hinges, as they currently have paint on them. But maybe she could just scrape the paint off the current hinges so she wouldn’t have to replace them? It certainly gives her more than enough to keep her busy, though, which is what she wants at the present time.

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