The Wait…The Brutal, Agonizing Wait

Memorial Day weekend came and went. It had only been four days since I placed the order for Lance. I went to Sex Doll Genie’s website to review the timeline from placing the order to factory pics and shipping. It says a good 18 to 25 days from order placement to factory pics on average, so I input those two dates on my calendar with a note. I also input the estimated dates for delivery, considering they state the average to be from 32, maybe 36 to 45 days. Interesting enough, the day I ordered, at the bottom of the page, it gave an approximate date of June 15, but I highly doubt that is accurate during these uncertain times.

On Tuesday, I decided to e mail SDG support to inquire about the unfulfilled vs. fulfilled status on my order page. I received a reply in a mere few short hours! My order will upgrade to fulfilled once Lance ships. I was also curious as to which shipping method would be used, as I have read in the Brutal Wait Support Group that some dolls are being shipped via cargo ship since the wait times to get on a cargo plane are ever increasing. I received my reply that Lance would be arriving via cargo plane also within only a few short hours of sending the e mail. I am pleased with the communication from SDG thus far.

So, I was on Discord, chatting away in the sex doll group and someone sent a pic of a doll that was ridiculously filthy and incidentally also up for sale. After browsing the horrendous pics, I decided to give Larry a bath, for good measure. I don’t have to bathe him that often and I think his last bath was either right before my surgery or as late as last August. He actually didn’t need a bath, but now I know he is still squeaky clean and freshly powdered. It helps to have the nylon body stocking and the long sleeved mesh shirt on him as well as keep him fully clothed nearly all of the time.

Wednesday was another online school day, but before that, I hit up my local Wal-Mart, yet again, this time finding a new black tank top for him that was even closer to the promotional photos than the ones I already have. I still am on the search for just the right, not to mention affordable, jumpsuit/coveralls for him, but thus far have turned up empty-handed and rather disappointed. Really nothing else to report here, other than I fully immersed myself in my studies for most of the day.

Thursday was the one week mark of when I placed the order for Lance. It was also a very eventful day that kept me busy. It was kiddo’s last day of elementary school and the last day of school for the school year. There was a drive by celebration, a clap-out, at the school that evening and then we had a lovely celebration dinner at Olive Garden afterward followed by some nice family bonding time. But, I had gone to Spartan Lover’s website and found the new Qita male doll was now available and I also saw that you could buy just the head of the other models, so out of curiosity, I began communicating with their representative. I found out that yes, I could purchase just the head and that it would be compatible in size only with a WM body, but that the colors most likely wouldn’t match. Now I have to find a way to be able to get that head. I’ll provide the link to his pics at the end of the post.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I keep checking my e mail and hoping that the pics will be there. SDG told me that the order from last week would be going in this week, so not knowing which day it went in this week has made it difficult. Plus Monday was a national holiday and so you have backlog there as well. Being patient is so difficult when you are really excited about something. However, I did work on my study guide for my upcoming billing and coding exam and did a little bit of work for my career development class. I also worked on updating my spreadsheet on the average wait times from order to delivery for dolls that have been ordered since January 31 of this year, to present. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of those who also placed their orders on the same day I did and already have their factory photos, but they ordered different brands from different vendors as well.

To view/order Jack from Spartan Lover, please go to the following web address:

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