The Beginning of Yet Another Rearrangement

Well, Phase I has been completed. I don’t know exactly how many phases there will be, but I’m sure there will be multiple ones. So, some of the furniture got re-arranged to kind of open up the main part of the room better, make me and my brothers less visible from outside of the bedroom and to maximize space. Alex thought really hard about how things needed to change. She realizes that she cannot get rid of her tall chest of drawers just yet. She also really did not want to get rid of her vanity table because it has a lot of our stuff in there that we use, such as makeup, makeup tools, glue, body coloring, eyeglasses, sunglasses, etc. The full bed frame was no longer working out well and it was actually broken and didn’t sit straight when assembled. So, for now, she still has the head board.

So what happened is my chaise lounge and the chest of drawers switched places. The vanity table actually moved to a different part of the room and Doc’s chair as well as Tristan’s metal stand and the “toy” box moved to where the vanity table used to be. So now, I can sit on the chaise lounge and stare straight at Alex when she is in bed. It’s kind of nice actually, but she teases me and says it is creepy. Lance is supposed to sit next to me on the chaise lounge when he gets here. Doc sits in his chair next to Tristan who stands in the corner. He likes it there, actually. Dorian was sitting next to me on the chaise lounge, but he decided he wanted back on his own little padded stool so he is cat-e-cornered from me so he can look out the bedroom window. He likes doing that a lot.

Alex also got HH to hang up this nice little white painted wooden shelf that the kiddo no longer wanted. She hung it up above her vanity table and it looks very nice. She also got this really neat rectangular chalkboard sign and she made our Established Family sign and hung it up over the headboard with the small set of fairy string lights that go across the top of the wall and down the wall in five nice strands. They are really pretty when it gets dark and the lights are out. Alex says they are her night lights and she has one of us turn them on for her before she goes to sleep.

She found a new bed frame on Wayfair that she thinks will look nice in the room. She wants to get it in gray so that it will match my chaise lounge, even though the walls are painted chocolate and cream colors. Her chest of drawers and night stands are also dark cherry wood, so it will be interesting to see the new frame if and when she is able to get it. Good thing is that the foot board is very low so walking in between the chaise lounge and the bed won’t be difficult like it was when she had the full sleigh bed put together. The foot board jutted out too much and the chest of drawers was there and she was getting squished in between them when she passed through.

No word yet when the new floors will be able to be purchased and installed. There is still a major delay on the income tax return that will most likely continue into the fall months. Which is highly disappointing because she has been waiting for it since March! Here we are already at the end of June. So, stay tuned over the next several months and hopefully we will have more updates to tell you about.

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