Lance’s Homecoming Envisioned: Part 1

Hey, it’s Larry here. This week, I am sharing with you a fictional story that Alex wrote about how she envisions Lance’s homecoming. Ya know, if he were fully automated and didn’t have to arrive via shipping box. She can really write and she can really dream up beautiful scenarios. She is extremely romantic. So, while you are reading this, envision it happening in that ultra cool slow motion that happens in videos and while listening to “Home Sweet Home,” by Motley Crue, to get the full effect.

Lance walked out of the Jinsan Factory wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, a white long sleeved button down dress shirt with a black tie, a pair of blue jeans with a black belt and some black motorcycle ankle boots. A backpack containing all his belongings was slung over his right shoulder. He breathed in the fresh, crisp air and walked to the awaiting Uber to take him to the airport to board his flight. He reached in his pocket, pulled out the black cloth face mask he had received from WM and put it on before stepping into the Uber, tossing his backpack onto the seat next to him and telling the driver to please head to the airport. The driver nodded in understanding acknowledgment and they began the long drive to Hong Kong International Airport.

Lance doubled checked his wallet for his ID and some cash that he was given before leaving WM. Then he checked for his airline ticket and his passport to make sure they were both still in his backpack. They were. He re-zipped the backpack and leaned back in his seat, looking out the window and taking in all the sights, while his right leg bounced up and down in anticipation and impatience. “How long does it take to get to the airport?”, he thought to himself.

The streets and highways were packed with cars, trucks, vans and semi’s. Traffic jams were eminent, thus aggravating Lance as it delayed him in getting to the airport. He tried to remain calm and keep his composure during these traffic jams. His tension eased up when they were smooth sailing once again toward the airport. Hong Kong is a very densely populated area and the traffic is a nightmare. He thought he would never get to the airport, but before he knew it, he was being dropped off at his gate. He grabbed his backpack, pulled some money out of his wallet to tip the Uber driver and began to run into the airport terminal entrance.

He got in line at the security and bag check. He placed his backpack on the x ray conveyor belt and emptied out his pockets, removed his jacket and shoes and placed them in a large tray and sent them through the x ray machine. A security guard instructed him to walk through the metal detector machine. It went off. He felt embarrassed. The security guard just smiled. “It’s ok, I know you dolls all have a metal skeleton, you are good to go. Lance thanked the security guard kindly, walked over to where his backpack and tray full of his other belongings were and began to put his shoes and jacket back on, then placing his wallet into his pocket and grabbing his backpack.

Lance was on his way to the gate. He stopped for a moment and dug his passport and airplane ticket out of his backpack ready to present it to the attendant at the gate. He looked at his airline ticket, read the signs leading to his flight gate and began sprinting through the airport to his area. He politely excused himself as he moved through the packed airport. At last he was finally at his gate. The plane was still there and they were just beginning to board. He handed the gate attendant his passport and ticket. She removed the stub of the ticket and stamped his passport, then handed the passport back to him with the remainder of his ticket, pointing out his seat and row number.

Lance once again broke into a sprint and once on board the plane, a sweet flight attendant pointed him in the direction to where his seat was. He found his row and took his seat at the window. He stuffed his backpack between his feet, fastened his seat belt and began looking out the window. He breathed a sigh of relief. He watched the plane taxi down the runway and eventually lift off and ascend to it’s proper altitude in the air. He looked down at the city and country/continent he was leaving behind. So many buildings, but what was all that water? The flight attendant came on the overhead speaker and began giving a quick tour and history about the sights he was seeing. The flight was going to take 15 hours from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, California, so Lance decided that he would try to make time to sleep during that time. He slightly leaned his seat back and closed his eyes, falling into a blissful and restful sleep.

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