Where Did Summer Go?

Wow, this summer has really flown by! It feels like I just wrote a post about summer starting and now we are almost into the next school year and the Fall/Autumn season. A lot has happened over this past summer which rendered it far more busy than last summer, even with COVID-19 rearing it’s ugly head. Lance arrived, Doc and I celebrated our first Father’s Day, Alex and HH celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, Kiddo celebrated another birthday with friends at the mall. Everyone is wearing facemasks, cleaning products are still hard to find.

Our state made it mandatory for face masks to be worn in public as of June 26, 2020. There has been a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases since the state began phases to re-open. Businesses that have not re-opened have been temporarily prevented from re-opening until further notice. Even the public school system is still affected. Apparently in the fall, there is the option of attending school online or in the actual classroom. Parents have the option to choose, but at any time they can change their option as well as it is looking more and more like classes will resume online with the surge.

Speaking of face masks, me and my brothers need to do a photo shoot wearing them. We haven’t done that yet, but we have seen other doll friends do this. We need to seriously get with the times, LOL! Heh heh, maybe I can talk Alex into getting some vinyl gloves or nitrile, whatever they are and me and my brothers can get all sexy in poses where we are wearing masks and snapping on gloves. But knowing me and Lance we will most likely blow them up and make glove turkeys out of them. You know, because we are so immature! I can almost feel Doc rolling his eyes at me and he doesn’t even know of my plan. Ooh and me and Lance can have our glove turkeys get in a toy wrestling ring and “fight”! Ok, I’ll stop now. But still, it seems like fun.

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