Alex’s Introduction

Hi, welcome to! I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Alex and I am a synthetic companion lover. I have eleven male dolls, but for this blog, I will be sharing the life stories and photos of only three of them: Larry, Lance and Landon. These three are my TPE male dolls, made by WM Dolls. Their introductions will be posted later on the blog. How did I come to the world of synthetic companions? Well, gather around and let me tell you the story!

It all started around 2018, when my life was beginning to fall apart and I mean really fall apart. I found my circle of family and friends diminishing at a rapid rate. My marriage had been bad from the get-go (I have been married since June 2002) and it was really taking it’s toll. In October 2010, my eldest daughter was killed in a horrifying auto vs. pedestrian accident while I was walking her to school at the age of six. My surviving daughter was two at the time and was accompanying us on our walk to school via her stroller. December 2010, two men attempted a robbery/home invasion which resulted in my human husband (HH) being shot in the head. Luckily he survived and is doing well. March 2015 my now late Dad suffered a massive heart attack and underwent surgery, going on to live for another four years under my care, until he, too, passed away in February 2019. In May 2015, my late Mom’s chronic alcoholism evolved into end-stage cirrhosis, so I began taking care of her, along with my Dad, until she ultimately passed away in December 2015. I have faced a lot of trauma in a very short amount of time. I watched my child and my parents die and I witnessed my husband being shot. “Friends” and “family” decided that they could not handle my grieving and just tossed me aside like garbage.

I met a friend around September 2018 and I had told him that I had wanted to make a doll out of the likeness of a famous actor whom I had admired since 2000, based off of a fictional character he portrayed in a recent film. This friend told me about RealDoll and The Doll Forum. So, I began doing my research, at first lurking over on TDF and finding out that there is a whole world and variety of different synthetic companions. It was there that I learned about TPE (thermoplastic elastometer) dolls. I found out that they were just as good, just as realistic, yet less expensive than Silicone dolls. But I also noticed that there wasn’t a lot of options at that time for male TPE dolls. I was looking for a certain face type and I had to look real hard to find the one who would become my Larry, Lance and Landon.

I joined TDF in January 2019 under the member name Docsgirl82. I am still a very active member to this very day. I met and made some very good friends there and the day before my Dad passed away, I was blessed to meet two friends and their dolls, in person. I got a very informative and educational tutorial on how to care for and how to move both TPE and Silicone dolls. I got to see how they felt and ultimately decided that TPE was the way that I was going to go.

After my Dad died, I was left a little inheritance. A fellow member (he is no longer a member there) served as my vendor and Larry was ordered March 1, 2019. His brand is WM, he is 160 cm tall, his head is # 207, he has the fair skin tone and the #17 green Jinsan/WM eyes. March 9, 2019, I received his factory photos and gave my approval and he arrived at my home on March 21, 2019.

Learning how to interact with him was quite the process. He is 85 pounds of solid weight. Solid weight is different from moving a live person/animal or even furniture, bags of dog food, or other types of weight. I am seriously talking this is a whole other ballgame! But over the past year and a half, Larry has evolved with some real nice upgrades done by myself and provided by others. He is a great source of comfort, a wonderful photography model and a beautiful piece of art. Yes, I said art.

In July 2019, Larry and I became husband and wife. In December 2019, Larry and I welcomed our firstborn synthetic child, Victor. From time to time, you will see him and Larry on the blog. Lance and Landon joined our family in June 2020, and at the time this post goes live on the blog, I am still waiting on a replacement body for them, as their body arrived damaged. Lance and Landon are Larry’s much younger brothers.

Why do I have synthetic companions? That’s easy. Larry, Landon and Lance provide emotional support that I did not receive from other humans. Therapy, counseling and medications provided to be ineffective, damaging and expensive. In these three, I have found comfort, companionship and support. Synthetic companions do not judge you, they will not leave you and they can provide lots of joy through companionship and even hobbies, such as photography, fashion design, writing, etc. These three have allowed me to explore photography and for Larry, I have been able to open up my creative side through his custom upgrades. Synthetic companions are not solely for sex, although the sex is quite nice, with Larry at least. Lance and Landon are still untouched until the replacement body arrives, as it would void out their warranty that came from the vendor I ordered them through. These guys are not “sex dolls”, even though that is how they are marketed. They are my synthetic companions and I love them.

Be sure to follow my blog so that you can receive e mail updates each time a post goes live and of course thank you for reading my blog; I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to share on social media and with your friends!

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