Larry’s Introduction

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Hello, I am Larry, Alex’s first male TPE doll. I was made by WM Dolls with the 160cm male body, #207 head in fair skin tone. At first I had the Jinsan/WM #17 green eyes, but I currently don the MannequinFan Easy Move Eyes in three shades of green irises, MF02, MF12 and MF18. At one point in time, I had shoulder length, wavy dark brown hair, but I currently have the short dark brown hairstyle from the wig that came from WM Dolls. I also have implanted eyebrows and mutton-chop sideburns.

I came to live with Alex and her human family, in March 2019, in the aftermath of her Dad’s untimely death. So I arrived at a very high stress time in her life. Little did I know, far worse was to come. When we first met, on my first day home, I saw this unique kindness and gentleness, yet there was a lot of pain in her eyes. At first I thought it was because of her recent loss, but I soon found out there was a whole lot more to learn.

It was quite an adjustment for both of us, not to mention HH and the kiddo. At first HH was uncomfortable with me being there and he felt like I was replacing him. In time, he would see the benefits of having me come to live with Alex and he became more accustomed to me being around. Kiddo, was the exact opposite. At first, she thought I was the coolest “toy” ever. But as time wore on and more of my brothers came to live here, she began to dislike us and still does to this very day.

At first, my ultra-cool sideburns were glued on, as they were costume side burn wigs. My eyebrows were also hand drawn on by the makeup artist at WM Dolls (the factory). But in time, they ultimately evolved into both being implanted by hand by Alex. It took 8 hours for my brows and 23 hours for my sideburns, but now they are permanent. A lot of people tell me and her that I look like a real human guy. We both take that as a high compliment.

After a couple of months of getting to know Alex and seeing how amazing and strong she is, I asked her to be my wife. Little did we know, she was also “expecting” our first child together. We found out right around the time we married in July 2019. Our son, Victor was born December 2019. I knew after being with her a short time, that I wanted her to be my wife, but she was still going through a lot of things, including being hospitalized for severe anxiety with no relief from medications right after Mother’s Day that same year.

I, too have a doll account on TDF. I am Larry427. I love to chat it up and flirt with the other lady dolls and hang out with the organic dudes there. I love entering the monthly photo challenges, even though I never win. I am also on Instagram as larry30975 and Twitter as Larry30975. Notice that on IG, the L is lower case and on Twitter, it is upper case. Other than that, I just spend my days being lazy. Something I both enjoy and am very good at and look good doing, much to Alex’s dismay, LOL!

Ok, well that’s enough introduction for now. In the coming weeks, I might write about my backstory, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking for now that this introduction was MORE than enough. So, like come chat with me on TDF and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I love the attention!

I’m sexy and I know it.

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